A Letter to all Americans

This was written shortly after the 9/11 atrocity in NYC with the Trade Center Towers – on  November 30, 2001

What we write here would have been completely understood fifty years ago. Fifty years ago or so, this nation was a God-fearing-and-worshipping people who would have recognized the meaning in the horrific wake-up call of September 11th, 2001. Fortunately there remain thousands in this nation who know the Lord God and who do see clearly. But most of America appears to have missed the vital message in the Attack on America; this letter will try to make it crystal clear. We are not prophets but we read and understand history’s lessons.

Since World War II most of our elected and appointed national leaders (especially our mis-guided judges and Justices) have deliberately wiped out all vestiges of the Lord God Almighty ruling in any of our affairs as a nation. We say we are “One Nation Under God”; but our behavior denies it. We sing “God Bless America”, but are unwilling to change our behavior so He may bless us. We say “In God We Trust”, but it’s really the gods of money, technology, science and sensuality that we trust. We perpetuate with vile vigor the lie that the US Constitution separates God from the affairs of this nation, when in fact it says quite the opposite; none shall prohibit the free exercise of religion in any aspect of life. We have deliberately obliterated the basis for understanding God in our lives.

Make no mistake about it, whether you are a religious person or not, the God who created all things is the same God who sovereignly sustains and orders all things in His creation. Do not be duped by the greatest lie of all – there is no God. Ignoring the Truth or deciding to believe some other truth has never, and will never, change the bedrock Truth of all time – God is sovereign. His sovereignty gives Him the right to call all the shots, like it or not. What a person believes or doesn’t believe never changes a fact – including that fact.

For the last decade or so, because of our national sins (sin is doing what God says not to do and not doing what He says to do), God has gradually removed His hand of blessing and protection from us. We believe His messages are in the bombings (USS Cole, Embassies, etc) and in the increasing frequency and severity of damaging natural disasters – fires, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, volcanoes, drought, pestilence, crop failures, etc. They are also visible in the ruined lives of those caught up in drugs, pornography, gambling, the utter corruption of our public-education system, the so-called “tolerance” and “political correctness” of a permissive society, the reading, viewing and listening to salacious (even vicious) “entertainment”, the increase of lying and cheating in government, business, education and media, remorseless thrill killing in society, and on and on.

We the people, including most of us in the Christian Church, have not stood with a determined vigor against the increasingly wrong-headed, ungodly thinking and actions of our leaders (again, especially in the courts). We should have demanded that they return to the standard of godliness and decency that our Founding Fathers applied when they established this unique and unapologetically Christian nation. Even they said that the form of government they had established was good only for a Godly people and no other.

God is no respecter of persons or of nations, except He has said that those who oppose Israel, His chosen people, will be cursed. He has allowed the evil-doers of the al-Qaida and its harboring Taliban to cause us great and shocking harm, to wake us up – since all the other signs and messages He sent us have been ignored. His love for us all is abundantly evident in His mercy shown through His patience in first sending us low volume messages in natural disasters and bombings, and only when we will not hear and turn to Him, turning up the volume. When the stench of a wicked, morally rotting society reaches the nostrils of our absolutely righteous Holy God in heaven, crushing punishment for that nation can be averted only by genuine, thorough repentance personally and nationally, as was done in ancient Nineveh. The dastardly atrocity of September 11th and the Anthrax attacks may be the last “shots across our nation’s bow” before God punishes America for her great sin.

Yet we remain deaf. We have become more patriotic and religious, but not more righteous. We have begun to turn from our historic and righteous support of Israel, to favor their arch-enemies, the Palestinians. If we will not heed the lessons of history, we are doomed to repeat them. God’s next judgment on America may make the recent attacks look mild by comparison.

How does America avert God’s judgment? Our national leader – our President – must call our nation to a halt, and lead us and all our leaders in humbling ourselves before the Lord God Almighty in prayer. We must repent of our national sins that include the horror that is abortion, the approval and promotion of the homosexual lifestyle, the removal of the vital influence of God Almighty in Spirit (through prayer) and Word (through Scripture) from Government, Business, Education, Media, Arts, Letters, Entertainment, even Charity, the approval for ungodly people to seek and attain elected and appointed office in this land, and suggesting Israel give up lands given them by God to be lands for Palestinians. During this time of fasting, prayer and repentance, we must ask God to remind us of our forgotten sins. We’d like to see the President lead, at the National Cathedral, his Cabinet, the Supreme Court Justices, and the Leaders of the US Congress (if not the whole Congress), in a Solemn Assembly of one full day – to humble themselves before Almighty God – on national television, so that all of America may participate – so that we all may know that America has determined to return to righteousness.

Our President must find the courage to do this despite the certain ridicule and vigorous opposition that will come from those who hate God and want to see America continue its moral and spiritual free-fall. Our President must, by Executive Orders and new Laws, return this nation to the standard of righteousness demanded by God in His Holy Word. If not, God will treat us as He has treated all other nations who have disobeyed Him down through the ages. The good news: if we repent and turn ourselves around, God promises to hear our prayers, forgive our sin, and heal our land. That healing could include the defeat of our evil enemies.

Either the nation repents and cleans house – morally and spiritually – or He will. If you agree, send this to our President with a fervent request that he proceed immediately. He led us in mourning and now he must lead us in repentance before leading us to victory.   We must rid our land of our sinful ways, and return God to His rightful place of honor and influence in the public as well as in the private affairs of this nation. We must support Israel without wavering. Then and only then will our President be able to triumph over the unspeakable evil that has fallen and may be poised to fall again upon us. Victory without God is impossible.

In God We Must Trust

PS: One of the more cogent reasons for knowing with certainty that Jesus is the Lord Christ and is God, is that He is the only person Who died, yet rose radiantly alive from the dead, as He said He would, with many witnesses. Only THE GOD can do that. That’s why true Christianity is not a religion. It is a vibrant, joyful ongoing relationship with Jesus, our eternally living Lord, with Whom we’ll live forever, starting now in this mortal life. If you want that eternal relationship with Him now and in heaven, too, just ask Him right now to forgive your sin and be your Savior – and your Lord.

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