Sheep to Shepherd

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Background: The growing immorality and coarseness in the culture of 21st Century America are starkly reflected in the alarming decrease of personal integrity in public and private life as well as in the increasing attacks, verbal and governmental, on the Family and Christians.  It is axiomatic that if the Family is not producing young men (and women) of integrity and Godly character, then the culture and the nation begin to slide toward immorality, lawlessness, violence, and eventually anarchy.

To sustain a strong, morally healthy nation, God insists dads (the family Shepherd or Leader) teach and train their sons (their Sheep) about the things of God and how to be men and leaders (Shepherds) before they leave home (Deuteronomy 6:5-9 & Ephesians 6:4).  Many of today’s dads can’t (or won’t).  No one can teach what he does not know.  Those dads who do know, but are now not teaching such things, must be reinvigorated to engage in this essential task. Those who do not know will find this book invaluable for themselves, as well.  In short, we must restore and rebuild the Family – the foundation of our culture and our nation.

The intent of this book, therefore, is to provide a resource to help dads teach their sons the minimum essential behaviors they need to learn, embrace and practice if they are to become mature men and responsible citizens of integrity and Godly character.  

This book is for boys in their teens (and at-home young men in their twenties and thirties) and their dads, single moms, or mentors to read and discuss together.  It presents twelve Behaviors that any male must make his own. The language and vocabulary make for easy reading.  Its brevity (140 pages) eliminates the “daunt” factor.  

The last chapter “Looking Ahead” provides provocative advice on five areas of life: Work, Higher Education, Marriage, Fatherhood, and Operating in the World. The book closes with a nugget-filled Epilogue, a Suggested Reading List, and a Complete Study Guide that help make it all stick.

Selected events with the book:

The founder of Abiding Word Ministries, a distinctively Biblical counseling ministry for adults and teens among seven churches north of Atlanta, has used it in his work since 2013.  When he read it, he told the author that he had been looking for just this book for ten years. In mid-2015 he related that one of his teen counselees came to accept Christ as a result of reading the book.

A  grandnephew (age 14) of the author took the book home after the 2015 Christmas visit and later told his grandmother that “it has completely changed my way of thinking”.

The Founder and Chairman of the African Pastors’ Network, after reading the book, asked the author to speak at his annual Atlanta Conference for Pastors in 2013.  That video presentation, “Fixing a National Crisis”, is online in the Blog on the website:

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