Critical Race Theory

Excerpts from Article by Christopher F. Rufo,
Wall Street Journal, June 8, 2021

Critical race theory’s core concepts, include race essentialism,
collective guilt and racial superiority.  It cultivates shame in
white students and fatalism in minority students.

Left-leaning media outlets have begun spinning a new
mythology that presents critical race theory as a benign academic
concept, casts its detractors as right-wing extremists driven
by racial resentment, and portrays legislation against critical race
theory as an attempt to ban teaching about the history of slavery
and racism.  All three charges are false.

First, critical race theory isn’t an exercise in promoting racial
sensitivity or understanding history.  It’s a radical ideology
that seeks to use race as a means of moral, social and political

The theory maintains that America is an irredeemably racist
nation and that the constitutional principles of freedom and
equality are mere “camouflages” for white supremacy.  The
solution, according to prominent exponents of critical race
theory such as Ibram X. Kendi, is to abolish capitalism and
install a near-omnipotent federal bureaucracy with the power
to nullify any law and silence political speech that isn’t “antiracist”.

Second, the grassroots movement against critical race theory is
nonpartisan, multiracial and mainstream.

Third, state legislation about critical race theory bans a specific
set of pedagogies—not teaching about history. Left-leaning media
outlets have claimed that bills in states such as Idaho, Oklahoma,
Tennessee and Texas would ban teachers from discussing racism
in the classroom.  This is patently false.  The legislation in these
states would simply prohibit teachers from compelling students
to believe that one race “is inherently superior to another,” that
one race is “inherently racist, sexist, or oppressive,” or that an
individual “bears responsibility for actions committed in the past
by other members of the same race.”

Critical race theory is a dangerous ideology that will take the
nation into racial retrograde; Americans should have no
hesitation in opposing it.

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