Sheep to Shepherd

“In a world where many boys are growing up without the advantage of clear guidance “Sheep to Shepherd” offers refreshing practical insight and instruction from a man who has led other men all his life.  McDonald’s crisp insightful style causes the principles of this book to leap off the page and into the heart and mind.”  

Allan Purdie
Pastor, Physician


“In his book, Sheep to Shepherd, with its focus on positive personal values and sterling character development, Tom McDonald has not surprisingly given us an important perspective on leadership.  It is a great little book and I would heartily endorse it for our young future leaders, parents, teachers, colleagues, employers and anyone else concerned about the values that will guide our nation’s future leadership.”

Dana G. Mead
Chairman Emeritus of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Retired Chairman and CEO of Tenneco, Inc.


“The State of our Union depends upon the strength and unity of our families – and that strength of our families depends a lot on the presence, character and leadership of fathers.   I would like to put a copy of this book into the hands of every young man in America. “

Dr. Len Marrella
President, Center for Leadership and Ethics and author of In Search of Ethics


“Sheep to Shepherd, by Tom McDonald, like the Calvary-to-the-rescue, stands up for virtues that make the male a man of integrity. It’s a fast read, crammed with clear, frank, and engaging discussions that remind us what it takes to be a person of integrity and Godly character.

Robert Faulkender
Retired Army Officer, College Professor, Business Owner, and Author of Filtered By Time: A true story of Success in Vietnam


“This book Sheep to Shepherd is a must read for leaders of young men, teachers, scout leaders, youth leaders, coaches, dads and mentors of our young men. This message is vital for the future of America! We need young men to know how to lead with integrity and Godly character!”

Denise Clark
Mother, Grandmother, Mentor to women, Businesswoman, Entrepreneur.


“Without following the principles of GOD, it is nearly impossible for anyone to develop integrity in a world where the Truth has become relative and proponents of biblical standards are marginalized. If you are looking for a Bible based model for training a young man or even a young person into a person of integrity, this fantastic book and the accompanying Study Guide is an effective tool to use. We are looking forward to using Sheep to Shepherd, in concert with the Bible in transforming millions of young people throughout Africa.”

Dr. Ezra Aniebue
Chairman, African Pastors Network