Second Amendment’s Original Intent

Written on 2/04/13

Be not duped by certain politicians on their latest “gun control” crusade. They have almost successfully diverted everyone’s attention from the true purpose of the Second Amendment by saying such things as: “large capacity magazines are not needed for hunting”, or “you don’t need thirty bullets to kill a deer”, etc.

The original intent of the Second Amendment to the US Constitution is to ensure the citizens of this nation can arm themselves with firearms (individually or as part of a “Militia”) that can be used against a tyrannical government, if need be. That being so, there is also an implied intent of the amendment that citizens be able to arm themselves with firearms comparable in firepower and rate of fire to those weapons a tyrannical government will use. So limiting magazine capacities, denying firearms that “look” like so-called assault rifles, even denying automatic rates of fire (much less the semi-autos) are all leftist exercises to confuse the uninformed and without warrant infringe the Second Amendment. View this video piece about the 1946 “Battle of Athens” This clearly reveals that the unthinkable incidence of a tyrannical government is a real threat – and it has already occurred in this nation at a local level; so it is more than possible. Then view this video to see what gun confiscation has done in Canada:

The Second Amendment is actually the guarantor of all the other Amendments and even the Constitution itself. The Third Amendment greatly assists understanding the original intent of the Second amendment: view this piece to get more about the Third Amendment’s meaning – We Patriots must keep our focus, for Liberty’s sake.

On an allied note, several online sources report that the federal government, primarily some sub-agencies of the ominously large Department of Homeland Security, have procured over one billion dollars in ammunition. One article stated that the majority of the cartridges are for pistols and have hollow-point expanding bullets, which are intended for killing someone quickly. Such ammo is good for neither target practice nor for normal service carry. It just might serve us well if there were Congressional hearings on the Homeland Security’s intention with all that ammunition. Then there is the issue of DHS training and equipping what appears to be a National Security Force of youth called the FEMA Corps ( A standing “army” of 18-24 year olds looks potentially sinister. Hearings on this are very much in order.

Remember: The cost of Freedom is eternal Vigilance.

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