Listen Up, America!

Today in 2022 there are strong malevolent forces in leadership positions in America, who appear intent on destroying the America that our wise and God-fearing Founding Fathers created in response to God’s leading in our Constitutional Convention in 1787. What can we, the citizens of America, especially Christians, do to prevent that oncoming destruction of our way of life. Human beings, devoid of the guidance of God Himself, created this onrushing calamity. Therefore, the solution is not to be found among humans. It is to be found in God and those energized by Him to begin the work to right our ship of state.

So, let’s Pray
Lord, I humbly confess, repent, and ask forgiveness for our many sins, personally and nationally. Our sinfulness grieves me. We are without help or hope without You. Come close Lord, please, and hear our prayers for help – and renewal.

Revive Your churches to Holiness from Coast to Coast, so all pastors and preachers will once again be faithful teachers of Your Word, the Bible. Please help those pastors who refuse to get involved in what they call politics to know that it is always about right and wrong – about Sin and Truth – not politics – and that you have specifically called them to lead their people to impact all levels of the nation’s culture with righteousness.

Provide us a strong, Christ-following man who will be called, stirred and empowered by Your Holy Spirit to lead another “Great Spiritual Re-Awakening” from Coast to Coast and Border to Border in America. Most Americans yearn for America to be restored to Righteousness.

Give us Godly men and women in elected and appointed office to restore us to righteousness at all levels of government (Federal, State, County, City & Town)! Please help us find candidates for office who believe in America as Founded and who want to see her return to that greatness – for Your Glory and our Peace. Make them strong to counter the seditionists, insurrectionists, traitors and the organizations intent on damaging, transforming or destroying the United States of America as You Founded her.

Tear down all immoral laws, and all policies counter to the Bible, and our Constitution. Intervene and bring down the immoral, the profane, and the evil in our land. We plead with You to Deliver us from Evil.

Make us more bold to share the Grace of the Good News of Jesus Christ in a winsome way with more and more people, especially with your elected and appointed government officials, including judges and members of School Boards.

Lord God, in all these things we desperately need your intervention. We have made a mess of it and are pleading with you to help us get it right again.
Soli Deo Gloria – Amen!

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