So Let’s Do Three Things!

Right now in March of 2021, there are strong
forces in leadership positions of authority in
America, who appear intent on destroying the
America that our wise and God-fearing Founding
Fathers created in response to God’s leading in
our Constitutional Convention in 1786.  What
can we, the Christian people of America, do
to prevent that oncoming destruction of our
way of life?  The solution is not to count on
humans.  Human beings, devoid of the guidance
of God Himself, created this calamitous chaos.
Therefore, the solution is not to be found among
humans.  It is to be found only in God….

                   So let’s do three things:  

1. Pray humbly but fervently to our nation-founding
God to confess, repent and ask forgiveness for our many
sins personally and nationally. Then ask Him to Revive
His churches in America from Coast to Coast, so all
preachers will once again be faithful teachers of His
Bible, and will again “Thunder from their Pulpits”
against the Evil in our Land, as did the vaunted “Black
Robe Regiment” of the 1700s. Ask Him to provide us
a strong, Christ-following National Figure who will
be stirred by God’s Holy spirit to lead another “Great
Awakening” from Border to Border.  Ask   Him to
restore our government to righteousness, so that
we are led to become a God-fearing, God-following
government once again.  Ask Him to intervene and
bring down the immoral, the profane, and the evil
in our land.  Ask Him to cause us all to lower the
temperature of our speech against one another, and
to help us to show the Love of God toward each other
and not the prevalent hostile attitudes.      The
Lord’s Prayer asks God to “Deliver us from Evil”.
Ask Him to do just that!

2. Speak winsomely but forcefully in Public against Political
Immorality and Attempts to change our US Constitution.

A book entitled “Politics According to the Bible” by Dr. Wayne
Grudem, supports and explains Jesus’ own call for us all to be
Salt & Light in a Decaying and Dark world. As part of this, we
must find, encourage, and support candidates for office who
believe in America as founded and want to see her return to that
greatness – for God’s Glory, not ours.
We must also speak against and vote against immoral laws,
and all policies counter to our US Constitution that abridge
our Faith & Freedom

3. Share the Grace of the Good News of Jesus Christ in a
Winsome way with more and more people.  Let us double and
redouble our best efforts. Even those who are not yet Christ-followers
can see there is a need for change, but many are unaware of how to
make it happen.  Let us show them. And we must hurry –
the time is perhaps short.

Colonel Tom McDonald, USA, Ret., Christian Soldier Patriot.


Print this out, crop it closely, fold it small, then slip it into
your purse, your billfold or a pocket on your cell phone.
Have it always with you so that when time hangs a little
slack during your day, you can pull it out and pray as
though your life depended on it.  Because it does. 

PS:  There is a four-page Essay on this Blog entitled
“America! A Total Reboot Is Possible”.  There is also
a video, Faith & Freedom, on this website.

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