WATCHFIRE def: a fire kept burning at night as a signal or
    for the use of those staying awake to watch, or guard.”

The darkness of immorality and evil in the world is seen in the
vile deeds of men without conscience.  We see the corruption of many
in leadership of nations, parliaments, congresses, courtrooms and churches.

All who follow the one true God, Adonai-Elohim-El Shaddai, in America,
must remain awake and alert to pray with Holy Spirit passion
forthe revitalization of His Bride, the Church.  We should be desperate
for God to dispel the growing darkness in some “christian”
churches in America, as they (and our governments) embrace practices
that are specifically forbidden by God in His Word, the Holy Bible.

The church cannot help America get right until it first gets itself,
meaning allits people, back on God’s righteous path.  Yet, we must also
pray for the renovation of America into what God wants us to become.

Some Christians are lighting Watchfires to stand guard
to pray against this spiritual darkness and
for the dawn of His righteousness in all areas of life!

Therefore it’s our view that every Bible-believing,
Christ-following church in America will benefit from a permanent
Watchfire Prayer Time to steadfastly pray for
Revival in every believer, 
a  Spiritual Reawakening within each church, and
a  Return to Righteous Governance in all things.  

Our First Baptist Church, Cumming Watchfire meets
Fridays at noon in the Prayer Room. All Christ-followers are welcome!
Our purpose is to pray fervently for:

1)  A Spiritual Reawakening by Revival
in us, in our homes, in our church, and in the
Christian Churches in America, from Coast to Coast and Border to Border.

2)  The Adoption of Righteousness in our National, State, and Local
Governments, with special emphasis on righteousJudges at all levels.

3)  The Recovery of Righteous Behavior by our People and by our Nation’s
Businesses, Schools & Universities, Industry, Military, Media, Entertainment, etc.

4)  Peace in Jerusalem and for Israel.

5)  The Salvation of all God’s enemies – or
the complete neutralization of their immoral and evil influences and effects.


It is highly likely that our great God has enlisted men and women in churches
all over this nation for similar prayer efforts.
We want to encourage those not yet praying for these things
to consider doing so on a regular basis.

Pray and listen for what God would have you do about this urgent business of
restoring His church first and then our nation
to the once-righteous path that He formed for us through the
good and mostly Godly men known as our Founding Fathers.

Here are some additional resources you can consult:
Books by David Butts:
When God Shows Up, Desperate for Change,
Prayer and the End of Days, Asleep in the Land of Nod.

The Essay “The Truth About America’s Only Hope”, the first entry on the
second page of the Blog for

It is our firmly held belief that if enough of us Humble ourselves,
seek His face, pray, and turn from our wicked ways, He will hear us,
will forgive us our sins and will surely heal our land.
We have His word on it…

Jesus is our Sure and Only Hope!  To God alone be the Glory!

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