America 2020 – A Call For Action To Restore Our Nation

What the Document is About?

It is about restoring our nation’s Biblical foundation, its enlightened governance, and the moral fiber of our people.

Who is it Written For?

It is written by the America 2020 Coalition for every American Citizen – especially her Leaders.

What Action is Expected and by Whom?

Each Citizen should engage their elected Federal officials on one or more of “America’s Issues Needing Urgent Redress”.

Leaders at the Federal level should make the indicated changes quickly.


Back Cover of America 2020 – A Call For Action To Restore Our Nation

A Fundamental Understanding needed before reading the document.

The Truth About America’s Only Hope – A Short Essay.

America’s Issues Needing Urgent Redress

Social & Moral Issues

Sexual Immorality

National Defense & Governance Issues

National Defense Preparedness
Financial Management Reform
2nd Amendment Protections
Political Polarization/Partisanship


Ethics, Morals and Honor – A Refresher
Defining a Christian Nation
What Abolishing Classroom Prayer Did To Us
“Islam Unmasked” by Y.R. Utnec III
Gaming the System
Second Amendment Original Intent
A Word about the Principal Writer

Size: 74 pages, 8 1/2” x 11”

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