Why Pray?

Purpose of this Book

First, to help the reader gain a refreshed insight into this most high privilege of communicating with the God who made us, loves us, sustains us, redeems us, teaches us and who invites us to know him increasingly better than we do now. Our ultimate objective for you in this study is to rekindle your desire to spend more meaningful time daily with our Great and Mighty God by Praying! Second, we want to encourage you to teach others so they, too, can have a victorious life in Christ.

Is this Book Needed?

There is a condition in most churches that has existed for too long a time…the low view of praying evidenced by so little group praying by the church. That leads to people having an ineffective personal prayer life – when, in truth, one of our greatest personal needs as a Christ-follower is a vibrant daily relationship with our Creator God. He wants it and we need it, which leads to the purpose for which we wrote this book. To encourage you personally to seek God daily and perhaps to encourage you to urge your church to more praying to God as the Body of Christ.

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