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Genuine Manhood by Tom McDonald.

This reissued book was originally published as “Sheep to Shepherd”. It is the same book with a few edits, and a new chapter “Be Spirited”.

Reviewed in the United States on September 8, 2019 from a Verified Purchase.

Army Veteran and Bible Teacher Tom McDonald has written an outstanding guidebook to help fathers, coaches, pastors, teachers and other mentors of young men guide their charges down a path leading to Godly Manhood and Integrity. Building on his own lifetime experience as a West Point career Army Officer, business leader, military trainer, and Bible Teacher, McDonald distills and then expounds on those character traits that work together to develop a man’s integrity. He includes lessons learned from life and Biblical principles for each one of these. The result is a very readable, easy to understand, yet profound guidebook that takes a young man (a boy) from the state of being a sheep (cared for by others; incapable of helping other sheep; an immature follower of Christ) to becoming a shepherd i.e. the epitome of Godly Manhood every young man is called to be (able to take responsibility for himself; care for and lead others, set an example in the church). It’s a great book and I say that as a pastor and Army Veteran who generally disdains books on self-improvement and leadership for their redundancy and lack of real insight. But McDonald’s book is very different. Way more focused on the key character traits that model mature manhood; way more spiritual in recognizing the need for shepherd men in the church; and way more practical for those who teach, mentor and otherwise work with young men who need guidance. And that’s the point: Ours is a largely fatherless society (broken marriages, broken homes, single moms, deadbeat dads) with dubious celebrity role models and a generation of young men leading aimless lives… including many in the church. Sheep to Shepherds is a great textbook for any man who wants to make the difference in a young man’s life through character-building discussions, group activities and Bible Study. It is also recommended reading for men of any age, from tweens to retirement, for self-improvement and reflection. Sheep to Shepherd is a highly recommended book I am glad I found. We will certainly be using it in discipleship training at my church. I recommend it for yours.”   Bold type added…

Note from author:  When I first found this review of my book on the Amazon website, I was understandably delighted.  This man clearly understands what I believe God was trying to accomplish through me. It is humbling to receive this kind of Praise.
Soli Gloria Deo!