America’s Fractured Foundations

America’s Strange & Sinful Culture

Reflecting on the many strange or sinful behaviors in our culture today drove me to look at some concepts that might help explain what’s going on. I thought of several word pair-opposites, like Truth and Lies, Wise and Foolish, Normal and Strange, Good and Evil, Righteous and Wicked, Reality and Delusion, Sane and Insane…

What do we know about Truth and Lies?
Truth is what is Actual – what is Real. A Lie is what is NOT Truth!

Let’s ally Truth with its natural mate in the word opposite-pairs, yielding:
Truth, Wise, Normal, Good, Righteous, Reality, and Sane.
And then, Lies, Foolish, Strange, Evil, Wicked, Delusion, and Insane. Quite revealing…

Let me list some Behaviors today that seem to suggest quite strongly that the one Behaving in such a way is not Normal, but is a Fool; living a Lie, in Sin. Perhaps even Insane.

Those who…
1. identify themselves as other than who or what they are…
2. believe and/or indoctrinate in the Lies of CRT, DEI or BLM…
3.  try to obliterate our True history via Cancel Culture…
4.  believe incorrectly that Climate Change is caused by Man (Psalm 33)…
5.  believe in or practice Homosexuality or other Sexual Perversions…
6.  believe Murder in the Womb is only Abortion and not Homicide…
7.  attempt to find the One True God in human-designed religions…
8. believe that Communism is an ideal governing system instead of the Truth
it is the world’s most oppressive, destructive, and failed system…
9. use mind-altering drugs because it feels good but destroys them…
10. refuse to work but demand the government take care of them…
11.  can’t see that the mental defectives and the homeless should be properly
cared for in separate facilities established to house and tend to them…
12.  work in governments that allow this Foolishness, this insanity,
this sin, to thrive…
13.  see all this and yet will do nothing constructive or helpful about it….

I’ve observed that these Behaviors are simply Defiant Foolishness. Such Behaviors call into question the mental state of the one behaving in such a manner. The classic case of such behavior is best exemplified when someone claims to be someone they’re not, such as claiming to be Napoleon or Shakespeare, or anyone whom they are not. That is insanity.

Many Americans have adopted these sinful Behaviors (Galatians 5:19-21). It’s proof they have lost their way – serving the false god, Satan, not their Creator God. We are surely headed for the sort of retribution that God’s favored Nation Israel experienced many times for its defiance of God’s Laws. Let’s get something straight right now: Preaching and Teaching on Biblical Right & Wrong(Sin) is Mandatory whether or not it butts heads with Politics, Political Policy or Politicians! One big reason America is in such dire straits may be due to a lack of this type of Preaching or Teaching by churches, schools, dads, and moms.

How do we avoid God’s certain punishment? Repent of our Defiant Behaviors. Ask God’s forgiveness. Ask Jesus to be your Lord. Get to reading and practicing the Book of Truth, the Holy Bible. If it’s you, set a new course for your life based on the Righteous Teachings in God’s Word, the Holy Bible. And let’s be very clear about this: The Bible is completely relevant today because it deals with man’s heart – the same today as it was in the Garden of Eden – sinful. We need more Spirit-led Men & Women of God to not shy from proclaiming the Truth and to stand audibly strong against Sin! How about you???   tbm, 9/22

What Happened to Us?

Our eternal almighty God created the universe, all growing things, all creatures, and then Man, some six thousand years ago.  A bit later, God gave mankind several basic rules to follow to insure they stayed out of trouble.  These rules were named the Ten Commandments or The Decalogue.  He gave us other behavior rules in scripture.

When men followed God by worshipping Him, keeping His rules, and serving others, mankind prospered.  But when men turned away from God and His requirements for an honorable and righteous life (those rules again), and lived as they wanted to live, following the desires of their own hearts, things got ugly.  Surprise, Surprise!!!

About two thousand or so years into mankind’s history, things on earth had become so bad, so evil, that God simply had to step in and do a reboot.  He brought the most amazing catastrophic worldwide deep-water upheaval and rainstorm for forty days that covered the earth in water for almost a year.  The only people who escaped were a family of eight stalwart people who followed God’s ways.  The father was named Noah.  Surely, you’ve heard of Noah’s Flood.  It’s strange, even nuts, that when you don’t want to believe something, you won’t – even though you are looking smack-dab at volumes of rock-solid evidence.  Willful ignorance!  [Not surprisingly, the same exact “I refuse to believe” syndrome attaches itself to the proven idea that the Universe is some six thousand years old.]

After the horrendous Flood reboot, things got started right for a time on earth.  But shortly mankind basically told God to take a hike; that they were going to do it their way.  And they did for a time, until God did another partial reboot. Why?  God noticed the people of Babel trying to build a monstrous structure up into the heavens to show God just how great they were.  But one morning, they discovered that groups of them had been given other languages.  So, not being able to communicate well with each other, they split up and went their separate ways.  Thus were formed the many nations and people groups that inhabit the earth today.  Only a few of them followed God. So it has been since the beginning.

At about two thousand years after the Flood, God, being fed up with man’s continuing rebellion and sin, sent His Son to earth as a human to be a witness to the Truths in scripture and to pay the penalty for the sin of those who would acknowledge not following God’s laws.  That Son, Jesus the Christ, became quite literally the Savior for every human in the world who would admit their disobedient lifestyle and ask Him to save them from Hell’s fire of punishment.  Even with that awesome and inspiring act of love by suffering crucifixion for humankind’s sinfulness, people still reject Jesus. Many of us know God raised Him from the dead proving Jesus to be God’s intended Savior!  Those who have prayed to ask Jesus to forgive their sin and now follow Him know they, too, will be resurrected when their course on earth is run.

So now we come to today, the year 2023 in America.  What has happened to us? What do I mean?  I mean, look at the growing evil in our land, or is your heart so hard you can’t or won’t see it? It might help us to back up and review our nation’s history.

In the late 18th century, a small group of American Patriots decided enough is enough from the dictates of King George III of England.  These 56 Godly men, after Declaring our Independence from England in 1776 and fighting a devastating war against them, also helped write the single most admired constitution in the world.  It was fashioned in great measure from many of the principles found in the Holy Bible.  [Bible means Book, Holy means Set-apart; so it’s The Book Set-Apart from others. And it is Set-Apart by God Himself – it’s His Book to us, for us – if we’ll heed its wisdom!]

For many people, that immediately calls our Constitution into question because the Bible after all, in their view, is an out-of-date document.  Which, of course, is absurd because the Bible, in one of its main tenets, is about man conforming himself to and obeying his Creator.  The sinful heart of ancient man is no different from the sinful heart of modern man.  The Bible is, therefore, still the book that must be used to address man’s sinful, evil behavior.  But I digress.

After our victorious revolution against England, our forefathers began to build what became the richest and most admired nation on the earth. People from other nations flocked to America as the land of new opportunity.  The French nobleman Alexis de Tocqueville after touring America for nine months in 1831, stated in his book Democracy in America, , “The Americans combine the notions of Christianity and of Liberty so intimately in their minds that it is impossible to make them conceive the one without the other.”

So, again – what happened to us – to the US?  Most of us have turned away from God and His Christ and are reaping the terrible result of His removing His hand of Blessing and Protection.  Oh sure, there are many millions of genuine followers of Christ in America, but the leaders in authority at all levels of government in America are now, in the main, not Christians or, if they claim to be, are not all actual followers of Jesus and the Bible.  The proof of our ugly predicament is obvious to all.  Our Federal, some State, and some Local Authorities have supported in law and edicts all manner of evil and perversions identified as such in the Bible.  They have even taken to flouting our laws, especially as it relates to immigration and even crime itself.  We are doing what seems right in our own eyes.  Evil abounds.

So what can be done?  Frankly it’s chicken soup simple.  God has made it very clear.  We must humbly admit we have been wrong and ask His forgiveness – each of us and all of us must do this – from the depths of our hardened hearts. Then turn to Jesus and ask Him to be your Savior. And we MUST see to it that the evil and sinful laws are overturned, thrown out, and replaced with laws that reflect God’s ways outlined in His Bible.

This would surely usher in another Great Spiritual Awakening in America – a mass movement of the Holy Spirit of God across our land from Sea to Shining Sea and from Border to Border!  We must wake up and see the terrible degradation of evil we have allowed and then DECIDE to never allow this to come into our nation again.  God has promised that He would hear and answer such national prayers humbly uttered from hearts broken by what we have done to our once-godly nation.  He will Revive His Church to Holiness and He will Restore our Nation to Righteousness, if we all do our small but crucial part.  Let’s get to it right now – and keep it going all across America!

Prepared with God’s help on December 31, 2022

by:  Tom McDonald, a Christ Follower…

Global Climate Change, Going All Electric, and other Nonsense

Everything about the Climate Change issue is under God’s control, not man’s. In Job, Chapter 38, God clearly states:
       Who kept the sea inside its boundaries as it burst from the womb,
       and as I clothed it with clouds and wrapped it in thick darkness?
       For I locked it behind barred gates, limiting its shores.  I said, “This
       far and no farther will you come. Here your proud waves must stop.”

For man to think he can upset the plans of God is hubris of an order rarely seen. There are macro-cycles of some 1030 years, as some scientists calculate, and there are smaller cycles of 515, 170 and 100 years, as other scientists claim. There is the Sunspot cycle of some 11 years, which is most probably the immediate measure of what causes our warming and cooling cycles. Past warming cycles have been an economic boon to the world, leading to some of the more frozen-in seaside communities being opened to hugely profitable shipping trade. There will always be changes in the climate and God, not man, controls them. The 2022 Tonga Volcano eruption is a prime reason for the unusual warming of weather around our planet today.

One vital point has been overlooked in this race to “play god”.  For anyone to say that humans must severely limit the production of CO2 suggests an ignorant objective.  It ignores the fact that CO2 is used by plants in a process called photosynthesis.  That vital process produces the O2 that all humans, animals and fish must have to live.

The carbon-credit and/or Cap and Trade initiative is an outgrowth of the bogus Climate Change idea. It all should be scrapped, or it will continue to be used by opportunists in and out of government to enrich themselves to the detriment of nations and cultures.

Pursuing such an obviously absurd idea begs us to look for other reasons for our “leaders” to put forth such a faux-serious idea.  One, they count on most of us not being able to reason our way through this issue – which leads to reason Two.  The real reason is they want a stalking horse they can hopefully ride to the point of making massive and strident demands of us all so as to bring us into arch-socialism – or in another term, communism.  They are power mad and are using this phony intellectual device to demand changes to our fundamental way of life.  In fact, the Covid-19 foolish lock-down of our economy and way of life was a precursor of this intended control of our way of life and therefore, our lives. 

Not a pretty thought, but I believe it is dead-on true, though they will do their damnedest to condemn this thinking as warped and the author dead-wrong….  Their favorite tactic is to attack the person when they have no way to defend their warped thinking.  Too bad!  Truth is often unbearably uncomfortable to those who prefer the Lie, especially when it is exposed as such.

Very tightly linked to the Climate Change Lie is the increasingly strident demand that everything in our nation be powered by electricity and to eventually deny use of carbon-based fuels so that the CO2 given off by that process will no longer be a “problem” to impact change to the Global Climate.  Let’s look at this all-electric power demand of our off base “leaders”.

The viability of generating sufficient electricity to supply all the current and known future needs without burning hydrocarbons is doubtful.  Adding the huge new unknown loads on the system as envisaged in the “decrees” coming from the White House is definitely going to create major power problems for the Electric Utilities until they are able to greatly increase their power generation capability. Wind and solar generated power, expensive and unreliable, can never produce the base load necessary to support our economy, nor is it able to be counted on as a reliable back-up power generating source. All the “decisions” and calls for the whole nation to “get off gas and coal” have not included the Electric Power Industry of the nation in their plans for a massive increase in the Base Load Generation capacity. It will lead to brownouts and worse without complete coordination for a power generation increase and upgrade (nuclear) involving all our Electric Power Generation Businesses. The Radical Leftists, who have already seriously damaged our economy with such ideas, have decided to do away with all fossil fuels (gasoline, gas, diesel, oil, coal, etc.) – and insure everything runs on electricity (to include military vehicles, which is foolhardy).

One additional major point researched by others but available in the current literature about all this, is the finding that to mine the raw materials and manufacture all the pieces of an all-electric society will create considerably more pollution and CO2 in those high energy-consuming processes than is created by the existing well-balanced energy economy of today.  The wishful thinking of a utopian clean environment has simply not been thought through.  It’s a pipedream!

There is, of course, the serious question of “does the Executive Branch have the Constitutional authority to issue such directives?”  Sounds more like a ‘king’s decree’.

What we appear to have here is an out-of-control Executive Branch deciding to demand actions from the citizenry and businesses to satisfy a wholly ridiculous scheme that they think we can’t see through.  We also have an AWOL Congress, the one body which our Founding Fathers ordained to be the proper one to rein-in an autocratic-minded Executive Branch when it demands things from the people that only our law-making Congress is charged to do according to our Constitution.

We, the voting USA citizens, put these autocrats in office and we must replace them with men and women who understand and will follow their Constitutionally prescribed responsibilities to us.  Such newly-elected people must stop this nonsense about Global Climate Change and the demand to go all-electric.  The Business Community, in close touch with the citizens of our nation, should be the ones to decide the issue of all-electric, in close coordination with the Electric Power Generation Industry. 

Further, proponent saith not.
But read WSJ’s Energy Report of 7/24/23.  Also Writings Tab of

Tom McDonald, Army Col(R). Atlanta.   Business Founder, MS in Systems Engineering,  former County Planning Commissioner, Author, Writer, Patriot, and Christian.     


Mass Murder and Gun Control

Those against guns think, incorrectly, that banning or controlling guns will stop criminals and others from using them illegally. Criminals, aka outlaws, pay no attention to laws that stand in the way of what they want; that’s why we call them outlaws. Only law-abiding people pay attention to laws. Our lawmakers know this; they just use that argument in hopes that we won’t see through their distraction. There is a dark reason driving those who are determined to take away our guns; they know it would be impossible to take this country into socialism, communism, or other liberty-denying autocratic form of government without first disarming us. One of our Founding Fathers was credited with saying, “Armed people are citizens. Disarmed people are subjects.”

We must not be blind to the central truth in all this: guns do not kill people – people kill other people with guns. We must stop trying to banish the gun and look at better control of people who want to kill others. We must get serious about stopping the horrific killing that these deranged people are determined to bring on us. And one other point (among many others) must be mentioned. We must stop now all thoughts about suing the manufacturers of firearms when some lunatic uses one of their guns to kill someone. If that were allowed, then we should sue all manufacturers of motor vehicles for each and every one of the 38,000 traffic deaths each year. Of course, it’s absurd; that’s the point…

Needed: A three-pronged solution to: 1) Better prevent guns from coming into the hands of crazed, would-be killers; 2) Secure each school to include an instant all-buildings-lockdown in the face of an imminent threat; 3) Re-establish the careful system of identifying and sequestering mental defectives in psychiatric institutions.

Accomplishing Step One: See the Solution paragraph.

Accomplishing Step Two: We must secure our schools, churches, and other gun-free zones. They are the soft targets that attract killers with guns. For ideas, we should look at how we protect other high priority areas of our lives, like banks and certain types of businesses, such as embassies, courts, legislatures, pharmaceutical or cyber-security firms, or jails, or high-tech R&D facilities. What is truly needed is to develop and implement a good solid security system at each of our school and church facilities around the nation. Some schools, and even some churches, are already protected in such a manner. Done wisely, it is not that expensive.

Accomplishing Step Three: We must do something sensible about the 0.1% of us who are mentally deranged enough to entertain such horrid thoughts as shooting up a school, church, concert, theater, or sports event. We must be encouraged to call the 911 system to report apparently deranged people. Such people should be picked up and professionally examined, their living quarters and vehicles inspected, and their on-line activity examined. This procedure should involve a team of three experienced psychiatric professionals before a person can be certified as mentally deranged. When so identified, that person must (MUST) be removed from the general population. To continue to allow such people who are dangerous to themselves and others, to walk among us as though normal – is, well, crazy! We can now see the absurdity of closing the facilities for mental defectives in the 1970s; we must reinstate them sooner than later. The use of psychiatric institutions is essential to provide an appropriate place for our mental defectives. That would today include many of the homeless around the country. It is heartless and deplorable how we have allowed such people to try to exist without rational, empathetic, and humane help in well-managed facilities, even if they don’t want such help.


Step One: Pass and enforce a Federal Law that makes it illegal (with stiff penalties) for any government at any level in the United States of America to make any law that would in any way restrict a sane, law-abiding US citizen (21 or older) from owning, bearing, target-shooting, carrying, concealing, or displaying any firearm or any ammunition of any caliber or gauge used in self-defense, sports, or hunting. To purchase a firearm, the intended buyer must successfully undergo a three to seven day (maximum) full background check to include a mental-stability test. No government in the US may in any way restrict a lawful business from designing, manufacturing, marketing, and selling firearms or ammunition. Nor will any court of law entertain any lawsuit that purports to hold the makers of firearms responsible for the misuse of such firearms. Nor will any such manufacturer be denied the right to pursue such a business. Nor will any government be allowed a special tax on the sale of firearms and ammunition. There shall be no law that in any way restricts citizens from exchanging or selling firearms with other qualified citizens. The Federal Government may impose limited restrictions on firearms to be owned by citizens such as no automatic rates of fire, no caliber larger than 0.75, no shotgun gauge larger than 8, and all firearms shall be either handguns or shoulder fired. Any existing firearms laws conflicting with the wording of this proposed law when signed are void.

Step Two: Develop two sets of security hardware and software solutions for the school security requirement. Such a study group must be composed of appropriate people from the Federal, State, and Building Security Industry levels, three from each for a total of nine on the Study Group. This must be, must be, a fast-track study, with a final decision report due in three months. There are good solutions available today, so there is no need to drag this process out. It is an urgent issue and must be approached as such. Implementation will be a state responsibility, but the Federal government should offer help, as appropriate.

Step Three: Implementation of this sensitive element of the overall solution will take some time due to the thought and care that must be exercised in seeing it through to completion nationwide. The effort to re-establish Psychiatric Institutions throughout the nation will cause some people to rebel against such a thing; they will claim irresponsibly that it is inhumane. In fact, it will be quite humane when viewed from the larger perspective of the nation and what leaving these mental defectives on the street can and does lead to. The Study Group must reach a solid solution for implementation within a year. Then complete the full implementation nation-wide within three years.

Step One: The US Congress must pass, and the Administration implement without delay the draft law detailed in Step One of the Solution. This wording contains all the elements that most interested people and lawmakers believe must be in such a law.

Step Two: The US Congress must quickly convene the study group in Step Two of the Solution and follow through on the timetable to ensure this is handled with the urgency that it obviously deserves.

Step Three: The Us Department of Health & Human Services must, within eight months, draft the full plan to accomplish this vital step. Then, in full partnership with the US Congress, see that the plan becomes the appropriate law that the President will sign. Unfortunately, politics will get in the way of such a massive change to the way we handle this issue; but it must be done and it must be done well so that we can control this one area which provides this entire subject the loophole through which the crazies among us are able to exist and create their mayhem. Enough is enough. Let’s get this done now.

Addendum: As a reminder for us all, let me review what was in the minds of those drafting the Second Amendment. Be not duped by certain politicians on their latest “gun control” crusade. They have almost successfully diverted everyone’s attention from the true purpose of the Second Amendment by saying such things as: “large capacity magazines are not needed for hunting”, or “you don’t need thirty bullets to kill a deer”, etc.

The original intent of the Second Amendment to the US Constitution was and remains to ensure the citizens of this nation can arm themselves (individually or as part of a militia) for personal protection and with firearms that can be used against a tyrannical government, if need be.

That being so, there is also an implied intent of the amendment that citizens be able to arm themselves with firearms comparable in firepower and rate of fire to those weapons a tyrannical government will use. Limiting magazine capacities, denying firearms that “look” like so-called assault rifles, even denying automatic rates of fire (much less the semi-autos) are all leftist exercises to confuse the uninformed and without warrant infringe the Second Amendment.

View this video about the 1946 “Battle of Athens” This clearly reveals that the unthinkable incidence of a tyrannical government is a real threat – and it has already occurred in this nation at a local level; it is more than possible.

Then view this video to see what gun confiscation has done in Canada:

The Second Amendment is the guarantor of all the other Amendments and even the Constitution itself. The Third Amendment greatly assists understanding the original intent of the Second amendment: view this piece to get more about the Third Amendment’s meaning –
We Patriots must keep our focus, for Liberty’s sake.

What’s Wrong With Us as a People?

I am a long-time citizen of the once-great and now-falling nation of America. I served in her military for almost thirty years proudly prepared to give my last full measure for her because she was worth it.  Later I was a businessman for some twelve more years doing business in America and overseas.  Now in my golden years I spend most of my productive time in various ministries for my local Christian church.  A singular joy was writing a book for teenaged boys (and their dads or single moms) to help them become men of Integrity and Godly Character.  I tell you this so that you know I am a man who has lived long and seen much, and am committed to defeating those who would tear America down.

Something dark and ugly has begun to creep across our land.  A bunch of angry leftists decided to hi-jack the Democrat Political Party. This new rabble is intent on getting into power to install their socialist, even communist, programs and policies to enslave us.  They think we don’t see them for what they are – Traitors!

They also think we don’t see how horrible the end results are of following such a plan – economic ruin, heartache, and loss of freedoms. They count on the idealism of youth to sway the masses of young people whose immaturity is ripe for manipulation. And many of them are buying in. They are oblivious to the agonizing experiences under autocratic socialism/communism of the people of the Soviet Union, Red China, Cambodia, Viet Nam, Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela and looming now, Nicaragua.

Public discourse used to be civil, even courteous.  Now it is strident and angry with large crowds of paid-demonstrators yelling and harassing, even injuring, citizens who mistakenly drive or walk into such demonstrations.

Some of these angry people have even begun to bring terrible public charges against another person knowing they have not one shred of evidence to support the charge.  For example, the way the US Senate has shamefully mishandled the confirmation hearing of Judge Kavanaugh.  There is no excuse for such a travesty and miscarriage of justice.

But why are the angry so hateful – our economy is the most healthy and robust it has been in decades?  That should be cause for rejoicing, not rage.

Here is what I want to see done with all deliberate speed by our US Congress.  Pass a bill for signature by our President that will label as a Seditionist anyone who advocates a form of government other than the one fully described in our US Constitution. Such person will/must be tried, and if found guilty, remanded to prison for a significant portion of the remainder of their life on earth.

It’s past time for our Legislative Branch to clean up its house and pass bills that make it a severely punishable offense to champion any behavior or activity that is contrary to our US Constitution.  It’s past time for the Executive Branch to act on behalf of all Americans.

It’s past time for the Judicial Branch to insist that all levels of governments in America follow precisely the prescribed actions and policies of our US Constitution; that will surely mean rescission of some Federal laws already on the books that are wholly out of step with the clear wording of our US Constitution.  And they should rescind decisions that are immoral and not addressed in the US Constitution.

At 85 years of age, I have seen Enough!  Justice and Government of, by and for the People are ALWAYS preferable to the Anarchy and Autocracy we seem to be running blindly toward.

Perhaps we are so far gone now that only God Himself can Restore us.  It would be advisable for all of us to Pray for God to Restore America to Righteousness!

God IS Pro-Choice

“God is Pro-Choice,” said the stick sign.  That photo in the news story about another of the many marches on the abortion issue stunned me.  My reaction was one of mixed indignation, and confused anger.  I stewed about it.  Something was not right.  What was it?  How could anyone say that God was for taking innocent life?

Then it hit me.  Yes, of course.  The sign was right.  God gave man “free will.”  God has been and is pro-choice.  ButHe made it abundantly clear there are consequences associated with every choice – for good or ill.  It’s our choice, yes!  But we must make all choices responsibly.  Responsibly means rightly, against a standard of rightness, as in the Bible.

Whether one believes the Bible or not is eternally important.  God says it is His word, so it is – no matter what man thinks about it.  Its absolute standards apply today as always.  Why?  Simply because man’s basic nature has not and will not change, therefore the standards governing his behavior need not change.  We ignore the teachings and proscriptions of the Bible at our personal and national peril.  One need only look around to see the cesspool we’ve made of almost all areas of our increasingly God-ignoring society.  We are reaping the penalty for our disobedience to God.

“It’s my body; I’ll do with it what I want,” defiantly shrill the militant pro-aborts.  The truth is, the baby is not part of the mother’s body.  It is totally different.  It is another human being.  It has another DNA make-up; and can have another blood type and another gender.  Even our own bodies are “on loan” while here on earth, as is everything else in this wisp of vapor called mortal life.  The mother’s body, and the one she carries, must be treated as though they belonged to Another.  They do.

How about the use of the term “Pro-Choice” for “Abortion?”  “Pro Choice” is meant to convey that a person has a choice, with the implication that either choice is “okay.”  But are they really?  Is the choice of killing an unborn child as equally responsible as letting it live?  Has the definition of murder ever been dependent on the location of the victim?  Is it any less murder if it’s for the mother’s convenience” – or more?

Murder is murder simply by the premeditated taking of the life of another.  Abortion is the “most premeditated” of murders because of the victim’s location.  God sought the safest place on earth for a new human being to develop toward birth; a mother’s womb.

What a horror for a nation to “legally” set about the grisly business of destroying its future citizens in the womb.  How we humans, women who abort and men who condone it, must tear the very heart of our loving Creator.  He gives us a new life and we literally rip it apart inside that “safest place.”  And the deed is done by doctors who are sworn to protect and save life, not take it.  Abortion is, in fact and deed, murder in the womb.  No amount of emotional rhetoric can or will change that fact. 

Some, in an attempt to rationalize their argument, would say that a baby is “not a human being,” or “not alive.”  God says human life begins at conception, and the medical profession knows that to be fact.  Killing (aborting) a fetus is murder, unambiguously!

God has given none of us authority to murder others including unborn children, the aged, or the infirm.  The female gender has not been given special rights by God for killing another human being.  It’s just not an option for them, their doctor or anyone else.  God has not changed His mind.  “Thou shalt not murder” stands and will stand forever.

Evil has fallen upon our nation, as it has on other once-great civilizations that became uncivil and ungodly.  We haven’t yet found the courage, as a truly united people, in the name of righteousness, to stand against this blight, this horror or murder in the womb.  If we did stand against it, God would undergird us and, perhaps, even stay His hand of impending judgement on our nation for our awful “holocaust in the womb.”

The God-fearing people of this land must demand moral leaders (executives, legislators, judges) who will put an end to abortion and other corrupt experiments in “legal” permissiveness, such as homosexuality, same-sex “marriage”, pornography, euthanasia, repressive taxation, deficit spending, etc.  We must defeat at the ballot box all who ascribe to ungodly (irresponsible, permissive, sinful, hurtful, etc.) approaches to solving the nation’s problems.  We must stand firm against the hysterical minorities hellbent on destroying themselves and, in mounting rage, insist they’ll take the rest of us with them.

Just as at the founding of our nation, we need men/women of character and integrity to stand unwaveringly on godly principle, to lead us against our internal enemies, and back to reverence for God and His way in every area of our lives .. government .. schools .. business .. and, above all, in our homes!  We must pray for and vote for men/women of character.  Godly character is the only elective dimension in man that offers any prospect for us to submit to God’s righteous way in every area of our lives.

Will we humble ourselves before our almighty God and pray that He will forgive our nation’s rampant sin and self-indulgence, and give us righteous leaders at all levels of government?

Our nation’s very survival is at stake – that’s all…..

By Tom McDonald – 9/1/92
Permission granted for use as is.

America! A Total Reboot Is Possible!

This is a Vital Read for Every American and Worth Sharing, especially with the Young!  

America – Why Have You Gone So Far Astray?
You used to be noble, righteous, humble, though far from perfect, considering slavery.  We who now worship the God who made us a once-great nation, weep for you who have renounced God for the passing pleasures of unrighteous desires. To set America back on the right road to righteousness, we will need many millions of us Americans to come back to God – to put godly men and women into elected office at the national, state and local levels.  Those of us who love America, want to see her thrive once again as a nation under God, as stated in our Pledge of Allegiance.

What Is America’s Early History?
America was inaugurated in 1620 by the prophetic words of the Mayflower Compact, signed by every Pilgrim man before they left the Mayflower and set foot on the soil of their new nation.  They had been driven by religious persecution in the Old World (England and Holland) to establish a new nation on this continent “for the glory of God, and advancements of the Christian faith” (quote: Mayflower Compact).

Then on July 4, 1776, Congress declared to the world that the American colonies would from that day forward be free and independent states, no longer under the authority of Great Britain.  Our national founding document clearly states some remarkable precepts that set America on its path to God-centered greatness.  It stands as a classic example of Christians and the Church becoming deeply involved in Politics, as is expected of us.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal,
 that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights,
that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness – That
 to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving
  their just powers from the consent of the governed.”

This was revolutionary thinking for our Founding Fathers.  To recognize that God would cause men to lead themselves by selecting leaders who were then accountable to them as a group to discharge that sacred duty and responsibility of governance, keeping always in mind to whom we are all ultimately responsible.

This new upstart of a nation had to fight a bloody war – our Revolutionary War – to make stick our resolve to be independent.  Our first President considered the father of our country, had this to say to all of us about “religion” in all of our affairs:

“Of all the dispositions and habits which lead to political prosperity,
  religion and morality are indispensable supports.  In vain would that
  man claim the tribute of patriotism, who should labor to subvert these
  great pillars of human happiness, these firmest props of the duties of
  men and citizens.  …Reason and experience both forbid us to expect
  that national morality can prevail in exclusion of religious principle.”
   Washington – Farewell Address, September 19, 1796

“Godliness makes a nation great, but sin is a disgrace to any people.”
(Proverb 14:34) 

What Is America’s True Foundation?
When the majority of the citizens of America worshipped and followed the God of the Bible, as begun by the Pilgrims under their Mayflower Compact, and later formalized in our Declaration of Independence, we thrived as a people and became a great nation – perhaps the greatest nation ever on the earth.  However, after WWII we have seen a dramatic falling away of seemingly an entire nation from the solid virtues that made us once the envy of the world – our flourishing wealth; our honorable government; our excellent school & university system; our ingenious technologies; our strong military; our virtuous and generous people; our beautiful mountains, forests and lakes; our vast, rich farms and ranches; our hard-working people building wonderful new infrastructures and businesses.

It was the intangible, the spiritual in us that enabled that goodness, that foundation in Faith and Freedom which empowers us to build all that we see.  But when we, as a people began turning away from following and worshipping God, He began to take His hand of guidance and benevolence from us.  Left then to man’s wisdom, the Federal government began to control more and more of our lives, adopting socialistic systems of governance which have repeatedly destroyed other nations.*  The insatiable drive for power especially by the left is ruining the decent life that used to characterize America and our healthy personal relationships with each other.

What Is America’s Current Situation?
For the first two centuries we were a kind and gentle giver to, and defender of, the world, yet today we are not regarded well in the main, especially by countries dominated by dictators and Communism.  The not so strange thing about all this, is that many of these authoritarian governments* that opposed us have impoverished their own people, ruining their lives, while we have continued to thrive – until recently.

What Is Our Government’s Part in Our Decline?
Our US Supreme Court in 1962-63 stabbed the very heart of a moral America – they ruled that our young students could no longer pray to our God in schools. Social statistics reveal that decision set us on the slippery slope of sin and moral degradation as a nation.  Then in 1973 that same Supreme Court decided it was fine for us to murder babies in the womb, some 61 million so far.  Then in 2015, the same Court made another unthinkable decision.  They found that it was okay to allow same-sex marriage in America.  With that fateful decision, our Supreme Court challenged the very authority of the God of all Creation.  That same God gave us the Holy Bible to guide us away from such immorality and sin, so that by following its precepts, we could keep on the more narrow path of righteousness 

The insanity of telling God to “get lost” is now reaping us a whirlwind of calamities.  

What are Some of the Results?
Fewer of us now believe in God.  Fewer still are followers of Jesus Christ.  The
radical Left’s Humanistic-Secularization of several of our younger generations
in schools, universities and on social media is at the heart of why this has
happened.  Laws are being passed that restrict and even prohibit the
practices of moral activity.  Some laws and policies attempt to prevent
speech about morality – a growing antagonism toward anything Christian
or Biblical.  Our nation is technically in bankruptcy – hugely growing
liabilities grossly exceed total  assets. Our increasingly socialistic laws,
policies and regulations are driving America ever closer to the
bankruptcy that always – always – follows such incompetent governance.

Much of our industry and businesses are owned or controlled by
foreigners, Communist China in particular.  I use “particular”
because they have stated their goal is total world domination.
America is their greatest obstacle to accomplishing that Goal.

Many governments around the world, and at all levels in America,
are increasingly led by those whose personal and immoral interests
are placed above those of their citizens. (e.g. Marxists, Islamic
Supremists, and others with non-Biblical laws)

The events in late 2020 and early 2021 in America give many of us
a renewed foreboding of what is surely ahead for America – unless
we do a complete reversal of the way we manage our affairs at the
Federal level and other levels.

What Can Be Done To Return Our Nation to Biblical Righteousness?
It would do us well to remember that God allowed great calamity to fall upon His favored people of ancient Israel.  When immorality and sin became so bad in Israel that they would not listen to His prophets but insisted on becoming more evil – God brought terrible
calamities upon them to get their attention.  Later He would give them a leader who brought them back to God, for a time, until they strayed again, repeating the cycle. Perhaps we are in that spot now with God.  He demands righteousness and we have become increasingly immoral, even evil.  Worse yet, we have been in the business of exporting our immorality in music, movies, TV, books magazines, games, and the internet literally around the world.  According to some evidence just now being discovered, even the means of electing people in America’s political system may be compromised.  So the answer here is as clear for us today as it was for ancient Israel then – return to God and His ways of living righteously – or face an ugly end.

    “I looked for someone who might rebuild the wall of righteousness
guards the land.  I searched for someone to stand in the gap
in the wall 
so I wouldn’t have to destroy the land, but I found no
Ezekiel 22:30

So let’s do three things:

  1. Pray Humbly but  Fervently to our nation-founding God, to
    confess, repent and ask forgiveness for our many sins personally and nationally.  Then Ask Him to Revive His churches in America from
    Coast to Coast, so all preachers will once again be faithful teachers of
    His Bible, and will again “Thunder from their Pulpits” against the Evil in our Land, as did the vaunted “Black Robe Regiment” of the 1700s.
    Ask Him to provide us a strong, Christ-following National Figure who
    will be stirred by God’s Holy Spirit to lead another “Great Awakening”
    from Border to Border.  Ask Him to restore our government to righteousness, so that we are led to become a God-fearing, God-following government once again.  Ask Him to intervene and bring down the immoral, the profane, and the evil in our land.  Ask Him to
    cause us all to lower the temperature of our speech against one
    another, and to help us to show the Love of God toward each other
    and not the prevalent hostile attitudes.  The last line of the
    Lord’s Prayer asks God to “Deliver us from Evil”.  Ask Him to
    do just that!
  2. Speak winsomely but forcefully in Public against Political Immorality and Attempts to change our US Constitution.
    A book entitled “Politics According to the Bible” by Dr. Wayne Grudem, supports and explains Jesus’ own call for us all to be Salt & Light in a Decaying and Dark world.  As part of this, we must find, encourage, and
    support candidates for office who believe in America as founded
    and want to see her return to that greatness – for God’s Glory,
    not ours.  We must also speak against and vote against immoral
    laws, and policies counter to our US Constitution that abridge our
    Faith & Freedom.
  1. Share the Grace of the Good News of Jesus Christ in a Winsome
    way with more and more people.Especially with our elected and
    appointed government officials, as well as judges.Let us double and
    redouble our best efforts.  Even those who are not yet Christ-followers
    can see there is a need for change, but many are unaware of how to
    make it happen. Let us show them. And we must hurry – the time
    is perhaps short.

    Closing Thought
    :  I was forty years a heathen, now forty-five years a
    Christ-follower.  I clearly see that America’s many problems like absurd
    economics, corrupt politics, lying officials, corrupt Judiciary, inferior
    education, drug-abuse, porous borders, immoral entertainment,
    hedonism, etc. are only symptoms.  The Problem in America is we have
    stopped following God – even in some segments of the Christian Church!

We Americans must Repent and Return to God in Christ – or – we are DONE…

February 5, 2021

Note: There are five papers that will help you in these three purposes. They
are posted on this BLOG.  Titles of papers: The True Meaning of Christmas;
Insights; Am I Going To Heaven?; Pray for God’s Church, Our People, and
Our America; and Watchfire.  In addition, for a more detailed look at some
of “America’s Issues that Need Urgent Redress” (especially Education, and
Federal Financial Management Reform) consider ordering the 74-page
document America 2020 – A Call For Action To Restore Our Nation,
written by the America 2020 Coalition and published by
for $7.76.

* A partial list of those nations that have succumbed to Communism since the late 1800s:
Argentina: The richest nation in the world in the 19th century; by the early
20th century unbridled socialism had bankrupted them.
Cuba: A fine nation in the Caribbean taken over by Fidel Castro in 1959 and
financially ruined by Communism within a decade.
Venezuela: This oil-rich nation in South America went very quickly bankrupt
under Communism.
Russia: Fell under Communist rule in the early 20th Century, ruining their
economy and enslaving their people.
China: Communism arose after WWII, ruining their economy and enslaving
their people; today it is resurging economically because they have adopted
carefully controlled Free-Enterprise, though the majority of their people still
live in poverty or squalor.
North Korea: Perhaps there is no better illustration of the diametric opposites
that Free-Enterprise and Communism are to each other than to observe two
nations of one people on the same peninsula in the Far East.  South Korea is
a thriving nation with a vibrant economy under the Free-Enterprise system,
while North Korea is a destitute, enslaved Communist nation.

It is inconceivable how a thinking person can want Socialism, much less, Communism.

The Truth About America’s Only Hope

 Since the beginning of time God has made His great creative and sustaining power plainly known to all of mankind. Yet many refuse to believe Him as God or even that there is a God. In His inspired Word, Psalm 53 clearly states, “The fool says in his heart, ‘There is no God.’”

America was established by our Founding Fathers as a nation whose people were primarily Christian or Deist. There is ample evidence in the Federalist Papers and in their many other writings to support this fact. Yet there has been a steady erosion of the principles and processes of the Holy Bible in the governance of America by persons, organizations, and governments (judicial, executive, and legislative) at the national, state and local levels.  We were never perfect, but we were never in all our checkered past as truly bad as we are today.

Laws in a righteously governed nation are for the purpose of promoting morality or prohibiting immorality and other harmful behavior. Many of our nation’s leaders make not even a pretense of righteously governing this nation. They pass laws or find “strange authority” in our once-hallowed US Constitution (or even in foreign law) to ban prayer in classrooms, to force immorality upon the nation, to ban the symbol of Christianity from our public lands, to allow citizens to sue others frivolously with impunity, and even to ban the display of the Ten Commandments in courts and schools. Such defiance-of-God behavior has emboldened the highest court in our land to legalize same-sex “marriage”.  Our leaders rightly condemn terrible mass killings such as those in Aurora, CO and Newport, CT but wrongly condone the more horrific murder-in-the-womb of a million plus children each year.

Our leaders rightly make it clear that freedom of religion means that all peaceful religions are welcome to practice their faiths here. Yet, as a further assault on our heritage as a moral people, they increasingly hobble the practice of the one and only Faith upon which this nation and its morality were founded – Christianity and the Holy Bible. That hypocrisy has become the handmaiden of evil.

Make no mistake; this is a defiant mocking of God who has made His standards abundantly clear. The Bible says in Galatians 6:7, “Do not be misled – you cannot mock the justice of God. You will always harvest what you plant.”  Unrepentant evil-doers are punished after death. Nations have no after-life; God punishes them in this life. Such terrible punishment is revealed in His Word for the nation of His special people, the Israelites, as well as for many gentile nations – of which we are now a modern one. Therefore, the root of America’s problem is not absurd economics, corrupt politics, corrupt Judiciary, poor education, aliens, drug-abuse, unnatural disasters, lying officials, incompetent government-run organizations and schools, etc.

It is the disintegration of morality in our culture and, sadly,
in some segments of the Christian church, as well! 

                          Our problem is – SIN…
“that hideous monster we so much dislike hearing about, and
which we are so ready to gloss over and excuse.” (Rev A.W. Pink)

 The proof of this bold assertion is simple!  When most of our people and especially our leaders worshipped, prayed to, and followed the God of the Bible, we became the greatest nation ever on the earth. When we began to chase after other gods (money, power/self, sex, hedonism, alien ideologies, etc.) we tipped over and began our now precipitous fall.

“What sorrow for those who say that evil is good and good is evil,
that dark is light and light is dark, that bitter is sweet and sweet is
bitter. What sorrow for those who are wise in their own eyes and
think themselves so clever.” Isaiah 5:20,21 (NLT)

Is it too late for America? Emphatically NO! If we, the people and the leaders of America, confess our sins to God, turn from them in genuine repentance, humbly ask His forgiveness, and ask Him to become our Savior, God, and guide again – He promises He will do all that and more. He will help us become a more righteous people and a Godly nation again – for His Glory, not ours!

We must PRAY for our nation’s wayward churches and our secular leaders to turn around to prosper with God – or continue to wither and die without Him. The choice is that stark!  In the Bible, nations like Nineveh that repented and turned back to God were redeemed. That same God will redeem America – if we repent and return to Him – His Word guarantees it.  God has not and will not lie.

The great problems and evil in America are at their center spiritual issues.  It will take a strong spiritual stand by our President to root them all out. To think that mere man can correct the mess that we created by listening to voices other than God’s, is the kind of self-centered ignorance that got us into this terrible jam in the first place.  Millions of us believe without a doubt that only God can right our ship, our nation.  And our leaders must recognize that fact and act accordingly – quickly.  America has a monstrous spiritual problem and it can be successfully dealt with only in a spiritual manner!

It is instructive to examine how God dealt with nations in the Bible.  Two examples:  A king of Judah, Jehoshaphat, prayed to God before all his people to deliver Judah from certain defeat from an army twice the size of his; God did so in amazing fashion.  King Solomon, the wisest man who ever lived, knelt and prayed to God before all his people to dedicate the newly completed Temple in Jerusalem to God and to refresh Israel’s pledge to walk with God in wholehearted devotion.  God  appeared to Solomon one night and told him, “… if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and restore their land.”   God blessed King Solomon’s reign with peace, power and wealth because he followed God, if imperfectly, but God was His guiding light.

The God whom King Solomon and all his people worshipped and sought great help from is the same God we claim to Trust; many of us are still His people, called by His name – Christian. Both President Roosevelt and General Eisenhower knew that: when they led the nation and the Normandy Invasion troops, respectively, in public prayer before that great invasion – God gave us the amazing victory in Europe in WWII.  If any of our leaders prayed for victory in subsequent wars, we never heard about it – and we have never won a clear-cut victory again.

Therefore, it seems very reasonable for us now to ask our President to call the nation to pray to God for deliverance from the evil idolatries in America.  We believe our President should:
1) call all like-minded leaders, Congressmen and judges/Justices
in Washington, DC as well as any like-minded Governors
of States to come to the National Cathedral.
2) then stand before all these people, proclaim the solemn purpose of
the gathering to be to confess and repent of all our sins,
3) then turn and kneel humbly before God with all the assembly –
acknowledging Him with much Praise to be the great Creator,
Sustainer and Redeemer of all mankind and all the universe.
4) admit to God our sins of commission and omission, and ask
God Almighty to forgive us, to cleanse us from all
unrighteousness, and to set us on God’s right path again.
5) ask God to help him and all those leaders gathered with him
to rid the nation quickly of all wickedness.
6) ask God to Revive the Christian Church in America to Holiness
so as to become once again the beacon of light to all our people.
7) ask God to Restore America to Righteousness, and to certainly
give him and all the people gathered there with him, the
knowledge to govern with His mercy and wisdom…

“Turn to the Lord now while there is time. Give Him your hearts. Come with fasting, weeping & mourning.  Return to the Lord your God, for He is merciful and compassionate, slow to get angry and filled with unfailing love.  He is eager to relent and not punish.” Joel 2:12,13

We must become a God-fearing and God-following nation again – or we will die a nation gone wrong! “Neither a nation nor a house divided against itself will stand.” (Mark 3:24,25 paraphrase)


These are a few thoughts from a Christ-follower about the responsibility of people like me, and the churches we are members of, becoming actively and positively involved in life outside the church – including politics in particular.

Involved means much more than simply earning a living, or volunteering for worthy causes.  It must quite naturally include sharing and standing up for our values (views of right and wrong) and helping those expressing an interest in our faith structure, to find Christ by sharing the Gospel.  We are to be salt and light (Matthew 5:13-16) to all around us as we sojourn through this short life together on earth.

Before going on, let’s examine the origin and meaning of the word Politics to ensure we have the proper and complete understanding of it.  Our English word politics derives from a Greek word POLITIKOS.  Its short meaning is: “of or for the citizens”.  It’s full meaning encompasses the influencing of people, relations between communities, distribution of power, and the allocation and use of resources.  It is much more than the governance of a state or country, which is the all-too-common, too-limited view of what Politics really means.  And it is most likely that limited definition some churches use to explain their decision to “not be involved in Politics”.

But when we view the full meaning of Politics, scripture is clear God intends His children, His followers (especially church leaders), to spread the light of His standards of right and wrong – and to be the salt, the preservative, for a right-thinking, right-acting culture.  Of necessity, that will require calling those in public service (government) to account for and to correct wrong-thinking, wrong-doing as needed.  The Bible from beginning to end is replete with examples of God-following people calling governments (kings, mostly) to address and right their wrongs.

Let’s look at some examples. Saul began his rule of the Northern Kingdom (Israel) in 1050BC. David ruled over a united Kingdom of Israel in 1003 after ruling only Judah from 1010BC.  In 930BC Israel again divided into the Northern Kingdom (10 tribes) named Israel, and the Southern Kingdom (2 tribes) named Judah.  There were five prophets of God who counselled some 20 kings of Israel after 930BC until God ended that kingdom in 722BC (taken captive by Assyria).   Some 20 kings of Judah were counselled by seven prophets until God ended that kingdom in 586BC (taken captive by Babylon).  A reasonable take-away from this is that even though these prophets tried mightily to influence a king’s political behavior for good as God told them to do, many of the kings would not listen and correct theirs and the people’s  wrongs.  So God had to discipline the entire nation.  Is that in store for America?

Then, in the early New Testament era the Jewish faith and people were “governed” or led by the Sanhedrin, a council composed of roughly half Sadducees (aristocrats) and half Pharisees (legalistic religionists), which in turn were watched over by the occupying forces of the Roman Empire.  Jesus confronted the Pharisees often about their mistaken or exaggerated  beliefs in ruling the Jewish people.  He was even violent on two occasions when, incensed about the crooked money changers allowed to operate inside the Temple walls by the Pharisees, overturned their tables and threw them out of the Temple.  After Jesus’ death, the apostles and other Christ-followers held firm in their faith in support of the Gospel and their insistence of right over wrong by the Jewish rulers.  It cost all but one of the Apostles their lives.

There is also the extraordinary example of the Apostle Paul who travelled throughout the majority of the known world spreading the gospel message of Christ and standing up for righteousness and the Kingdom of God before many kings and rulers in the Gentile world.  Ananias, at Damascus, was told that Paul was God’s chosen instrument to take His message to kings, gentiles and jews (Acts 9:15).

What’s the point?  The point of this brief paper is that there is sufficient evidence throughout the Bible that God expects His church and all followers to impact the world’s system (under Satan’s control) with righteousness.  That cannot be done by those who say they won’t “get involved” in Politics.  Limiting our impact on the culture around us to only sharing the Gospel is not enough, mandatory though it is.

The obvious counter to those who espouse this view is that by our very existence in this world, we all are automatically involved in politics in its fullest sense. Politics is, after all, about people. So, for believers to say they won’t get involved in politics is to deny not only reality, but also to deny our call from God to be that much-needed “salt and light” to a lost and dying world.  So, again, it is time for all Christ-followers (especially pastors) who think wrongly about this vital topic, to seek forgiveness for their incorrect and damaging thinking.  Pastors must get serious about “Thundering From Their Pulpits”, again, to seek correction of wrongs in our culture and governments.  Others of us must prayerfully stand against any and all wrongdoing in our governments by writing, calling and/or attending their meetings to demand righteous change.  Our public “servants” must be held accountable to the good people of America and our God.

There has been a giant battle on this earth and in the heavenlies since man’s disobedience in Eden between two forces – wickedness and righteousness.  As in any war, when one side quits, the other side wins.  So, the “good guys” must get back in the fight!  If the truly wicked elements of our society get the all-out upper hand – and they’re close – America as we know her, will end.

Those who are truly serious about this and God’s call on their lives as His under-shepherds, leaders, or followers, should read Dr. Wayne Grudem’s exhaustive 601-page study entitled, “Politics According to the Bible” (Zondervan, 2010).  Its subtitle is “A Comprehensive Resource for Understanding Modern Political Issues in Light of Scripture.”  To do nothing is to accept defeat.

“The wicked will go down to the grave.   This is the fate of all the nations who ignore God.”  Ps 9:17

Tom McDonald – Author, Writer, Bible Student & Teacher, Retired Businessman, Retired Army Colonel 


14 June 2023