Genuine Manhood!

Purposes of this Book

Because of the general deterioration in America of obedience to God’s Command for Fathers to teach their Sons about being a Man for God, a Godly Man, we must restart the cycle again from the beginning.  Churches, Boy’s clubs and Men’s clubs do not have that awesome responsibility though they can surely help.  Dads are singularly tasked with Lighting and Passing the Torch of Godly Manhood to their sons!  Ephesians 6:4b and Deuteronomy 6:5-9 (The Shema).  We have three suggestions:

1)  This book will help a dad to Light and Pass the Torch of Rock-Solid Knowledge and Wisdom to his son, or any young man he takes under his wing, as he helps him become a Man of Integrity, Maturity and Godly Character.  Where a dad is not present, then an older male, such as a coach, a mentor or a counselor could take on this role.  If no older males are available, then a mom should take this on.  In any event a mom must support all this.

2)  This book is designed also as a self-study work for any young man who is serious about this.  If you choose this approach, let me suggest you find a mature male mentor to help you.  The Study Guide along with their life experiences will enrich your learning. 

3)  This book will be useful to pastors who mentor young men in their teens, twenties, thirties and even beyond.  But better would be to conduct classes for dads in these same materials to help them understand they are to be the keepers of this sacred trust to Light and Pass the Torch by bringing up their sons to become men of Integrity, Maturity, and Godly Character!  Bottom Line:  This is a dad’s responsibility; no one else’s.

What’s in the Book?

We present and discuss fourteen Behaviors a young man must strive to make his own. Among them are these six – being Disciplined, Responsible, Respectful, Honorable, Spirited, and Tough-minded.  Together the fourteen will help forge a mature leader. The last chapter, “Looking Ahead,” takes an experienced look at Work, Education, Marriage, Fatherhood, and Operating in the World.  There is also an Epilogue and an Annotated Suggested Readings.

(My wife says that every Grandfather should gift this book to each Son and Grandson.)

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