Faith and Freedom – America’s Foundation

What is the Presentation About?

It is a thoroughly researched, truthful presentation of America’s  Founding as a Nation based on Faith in the God of the Bible and on Freedom of Individual Endeavor.  It is a spirited exhortation to viewers to become positively involved in: 

1) Standing against the growing immorality in our Nation. 
2) Voting to ensure continuation of the nation as a Federal Republic so as not to become another failed socialist nation.
3) Pray that God will move upon hearts of our citizens to come to Polls to vote His Will in the election of 2020 or any election. 

Who is it Produced For?

It is produced for every American Citizen, especially the young, most of whom have not been taught the truth about the origins of our once-great nation.  It is to help us all see that there is something unique and precious about our nation.  It can be lost by not voting for candidates devoted to the America we were and are intended to be.

What is the Expectation of the Producers?

Those of us who produced this extraordinary video want all Americans to know for a fact how and for what purpose we were created as a nation.  We are unique among all the nations of the world throughout history and if we don’t know that and are misled to believe lies about our origins, then we will vote incorrectly and destroy the great good that we were created by God to be.  

Special Note:  
This video was prepared primarily for the 2020 Elections in America.  It is, however, relevant for all times.  What is presented is a timeless and accurate history of America.  It needs to be known and reviewed by all American Citizens from time to time to insure we don’t lose sight of our incredibly special founding by the God of the Bible through our Founding Fathers.  It also encourages today’s Christian pastors to get their churches involved in standing against the evil and immorality of the politics of our day, just as the so-called Black Robe Regiment (Politicly active Christian Pastors and churches) did in the eighteenth century.  

More information about our special founding can be found in our, “America 2020 – A Call For Action To Restore Our Nation.”