These are a few thoughts from a Christ-follower about the responsibility of people like me, and the churches we are members of, becoming actively and positively involved in life outside the church – including politics in particular.

Involved means much more than simply earning a living, or volunteering for worthy causes.  It must quite naturally include sharing and standing up for our values (views of right and wrong) and helping those expressing an interest in our faith structure, to find Christ by sharing the Gospel.  We are to be salt and light (Matthew 5:13-16) to all around us as we sojourn through this short life together on earth.

Before going on, let’s examine the origin and meaning of the word Politics to ensure we have the proper and complete understanding of it.  Our English word politics derives from a Greek word POLITIKOS.  Its short meaning is: “of or for the citizens”.  It’s full meaning encompasses the influencing of people, relations between communities, distribution of power, and the allocation and use of resources.  It is much more than the governance of a state or country, which is the all-too-common, too-limited view of what Politics really means.  And it is most likely that limited definition some churches use to explain their decision to “not be involved in Politics”.

But when we view the full meaning of Politics, scripture is clear God intends His children, His followers (especially church leaders), to spread the light of His standards of right and wrong – and to be the salt, the preservative, for a right-thinking, right-acting culture.  Of necessity, that will require calling those in public service (government) to account for and to correct wrong-thinking, wrong-doing as needed.  The Bible from beginning to end is replete with examples of God-following people calling governments (kings, mostly) to address and right their wrongs.

Let’s look at some examples. Saul began his rule of the Northern Kingdom (Israel) in 1050BC. David ruled over a united Kingdom of Israel in 1003 after ruling only Judah from 1010BC.  In 930BC Israel again divided into the Northern Kingdom (10 tribes) named Israel, and the Southern Kingdom (2 tribes) named Judah.  There were five prophets of God who counselled some 20 kings of Israel after 930BC until God ended that kingdom in 722BC (taken captive by Assyria).   Some 20 kings of Judah were counselled by seven prophets until God ended that kingdom in 586BC (taken captive by Babylon).  A reasonable take-away from this is that even though these prophets tried mightily to influence a king’s political behavior for good as God told them to do, many of the kings would not listen and correct theirs and the people’s  wrongs.  So God had to discipline the entire nation.  Is that in store for America?

Then, in the early New Testament era the Jewish faith and people were “governed” or led by the Sanhedrin, a council composed of roughly half Sadducees (aristocrats) and half Pharisees (legalistic religionists), which in turn were watched over by the occupying forces of the Roman Empire.  Jesus confronted the Pharisees often about their mistaken or exaggerated  beliefs in ruling the Jewish people.  He was even violent on two occasions when, incensed about the crooked money changers allowed to operate inside the Temple walls by the Pharisees, overturned their tables and threw them out of the Temple.  After Jesus’ death, the apostles and other Christ-followers held firm in their faith in support of the Gospel and their insistence of right over wrong by the Jewish rulers.  It cost all but one of the Apostles their lives.

There is also the extraordinary example of the Apostle Paul who travelled throughout the majority of the known world spreading the gospel message of Christ and standing up for righteousness and the Kingdom of God before many kings and rulers in the Gentile world.  Ananias, at Damascus, was told that Paul was God’s chosen instrument to take His message to kings, gentiles and jews (Acts 9:15).

What’s the point?  The point of this brief paper is that there is sufficient evidence throughout the Bible that God expects His church and all followers to impact the world’s system (under Satan’s control) with righteousness.  That cannot be done by those who say they won’t “get involved” in Politics.  Limiting our impact on the culture around us to only sharing the Gospel is not enough, mandatory though it is.

The obvious counter to those who espouse this view is that by our very existence in this world, we all are automatically involved in politics in its fullest sense. Politics is, after all, about people. So, for believers to say they won’t get involved in politics is to deny not only reality, but also to deny our call from God to be that much-needed “salt and light” to a lost and dying world.  So, again, it is time for all Christ-followers (especially pastors) who think wrongly about this vital topic, to seek forgiveness for their incorrect and damaging thinking.  Pastors must get serious about “Thundering From Their Pulpits”, again, to seek correction of wrongs in our culture and governments.  Others of us must prayerfully stand against any and all wrongdoing in our governments by writing, calling and/or attending their meetings to demand righteous change.  Our public “servants” must be held accountable to the good people of America and our God.

There has been a giant battle on this earth and in the heavenlies since man’s disobedience in Eden between two forces – wickedness and righteousness.  As in any war, when one side quits, the other side wins.  So, the “good guys” must get back in the fight!  If the truly wicked elements of our society get the all-out upper hand – and they’re close – America as we know her, will end.

Those who are truly serious about this and God’s call on their lives as His under-shepherds, leaders, or followers, should read Dr. Wayne Grudem’s exhaustive 601-page study entitled, “Politics According to the Bible” (Zondervan, 2010).  Its subtitle is “A Comprehensive Resource for Understanding Modern Political Issues in Light of Scripture.”  To do nothing is to accept defeat.

“The wicked will go down to the grave.   This is the fate of all the nations who ignore God.”  Ps 9:17

Tom McDonald – Author, Writer, Bible Student & Teacher, Retired Businessman, Retired Army Colonel 


14 June 2023

Church, Sin, Politics, Crime

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal suggests there are two main reasons that pastors do not allow themselves to talk about what they consider to be Political issues from the pulpit. One is their fear of being asked to leave. The second is their concern about people leaving the church or not wanting to join the church. Others are concerned about losing their tax exemption. Still others believe their only mission is to spread the Gospel to the world. Most of us empathize with those concerns. However, those pastors who are loathe to call Sin “Sin” from the pulpit or in their community, must remember they are responsible to Almighty God to Preach and Demonstrate His Whole Word straight and True.

Based upon the increase in crime across America, we can make the case that all issues of life are in fact part of the body politic and therefore fair game for discussion if we are to care about returning to a more righteous society. Jesus Christ made it abundantly clear while He was with us and later in His Word, the Bible, that His Followers, the Church today, are to positively impact the culture to include our “governors and kings” for Righteousness (Mt 10:18; Mk 13:9-11; 16:15; Lk 21:12,13). To that end we had best get back to calling Sin what it is, especially from the pulpits in every Bible-based church in America! Only then will church members be adequately equipped to deal correctly with Sin in our culture and its ensuing Crime.

Below we’ve listed some Sins. Note that a few of these are “activities” that are “Political”. Political they may be – but make no mistake, they are Sins that the Christ-following churches must address as Sin, as wrongs, to their members – and with sufficient frequency so that they, the members, know how they are to live their lives according to God’s Standard – and so they know to what standard they are to hold their families and their governing officials.

Aborticide, Adultery, Fornication, Homosexuality
Bestiality, Pedophilia, Lying, Murder
Assault, Covetousness, Unforgiveness, Stealing
Bribery, Cheating, Drunkenness, Disobedience/Defiance
Dishonor Parents, Ignore the Sabbath, Curse God’s Name, Idolatry
Slander, Tempting Others, A Damning Pride, Tithe
Marriage other than one man to one woman, Tattoos (Lev 19:28)
Mislead Children, Pornography, Not loving our neighbors

If we don’t all increase our involvement in our society for Good, much of the insanity of crime without punishment in a few metropolitan areas around the nation could spread to other areas. Such situations as government leaders: refusing to prosecute “minor” crimes; paying people not to work; reducing and/or defunding law enforcement; not stopping, even encouraging, violence in the streets; bringing in paid agitators to stir up division and strife; not accepting office visits from constituents; turning prison inmates loose in society. And then there is the larger national issue of edicts without legislation to cut off our national oil production, allow uncontrolled international border crossings, accept harmful treaties, encourage our enemies, foment strife between citizen groups, condemn protected speech, etc. Most are part of Marxist Doctrine.

If you‘re a Pastor, please consider helping your members to stand up for God’s Righteousness in all corners of America, not just inside the church. And we Christ-following citizens must tell our elected and appointed officials we will insist on their righteous behavior while in office. If they fail us, we must replace them with people who will behave honorably and righteously. And we must do it or we shall lose America as she was founded – on Faith and Freedom. TBM, 6/22

The Church, The Culture and Politics

Had not scores of pastors and hundreds, even thousands, of
members of their churches in the 1700’s become vigilantly,
vocally, vibrantly, virulently, viably, even violently involved
in the politics of their day, there probably would not be a
United States of America today.

Many pastors were vigilant to know and tell their people what
the British were up to.  They did not think their only role was
to preach the vital Gospel. They were vivid and vibrant in
vocally using their pulpits to call out the British for their
oppressive rule of the colonies. Their virulent and viable
stances garnered them the name “The Black Robe Regiment”.
Some pastors became “violent” in their political involvement,
by taking off their Black Robe and donning a Continental
Army Officer’s uniform.  Several pastors proceeded to form
their own company, battalion or regiment.  The members of
such units were predominantly men of their own
congregations – and then their pastor led them into combat
against the British Army.

So, there is ample evidence in our history and in Scripture
that the Christian church, her leaders and members, are
to be ardently and winsomely involved in their culture and
in politics, especially when the existing government is going
counter to God’s Word and God’s Way.  To claim otherwise
is to deny the Christian Church’s proper, beneficial effect
upon the culture – to be Salt and Light…

There are two sides in this Battle between Good and Evil.
          If one side doesn’t show up for the fight,
              it is obvious who the Victor will be,
             unless the Lord Himself intervenes.

       So, now the Questions:  As a Christ-following
American Patriot…
Are you personally involved in bringing Goodness and
Light into our Culture?
Are you Vocal in Exposing Evil?
Are you Sharing the Gospel regularly?
Are you faithfully Praying for God’s Help
in all this (Proverbs 16:9)?

March 16, 2021


Homosexuals into the Military

Written on 1/12/11

Am I the only one who sees the rank irony in the US Congress (the least respected public entity at 13% approval rating) requiring the US Military (the most respected public entity at over 75% approval rating) to accept homosexuals into their ranks, and the President signed it into Law? I think not!  Now what do Christian, Jewish and Islamic Chaplains (all condemning homosexuality as sin) do about this?  And what do the Military Academies do about this?  Then, too, what do the lawmakers do about the Uniform Code of Military Justice; how do you make an immoral act “legal” after centuries of established law on such reprehensible and debilitating conduct? Many of our laws legislate for or against behaviors. Most legislate for moral behavior, some against immoral behavior. This Law was legislated to promote immoral behavior.

What should we, the People, do about this?  I say we do two things.  One, pray that God will overturn this sin-sick law, and turn out of office all who championed it or voted for it. Two, bombard the President, the Supreme Court Justices and our Senators and Congressman with letters, phone calls, emails, faxes and petitions non-stop until they “get it” that we will not stop until they repeal this abomination, or overturn it, if it gets to the US Supreme Court.

Such treachery at the highest levels is even more stunning in view of the results of many voter referenda around the country, wherein they have, until very recently, overwhelmingly rejected the perverse, deviant, harmful, (and, in God’s words, “abominable”) behavior of homosexual “marriage” in their state. But remember, morality isn’t determined by voting. In some of those states, courts have overturned the voter results because the judges found the results somehow “unconstitutional”. Judges don’t determine morality either; God does. That’s why I suggest we include the US Supreme Court in the onslaught of communication about this sordid issue; we have had enough of judicial tyranny. Wasn’t it Billy Graham who once said, “If God does not destroy America for her great sin [of “official” approval of homosexuality], He will have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah.”?

Please join me in this non-stop deluge of the three branches of our elitist, increasingly immoral US Government to repeal the law that forces the military to knowingly accept homosexuals into their ranks. If you do not take your stand here, then where will you take your stand against the onslaught of evil? Perhaps the better question is, “If God does not see us standing with Him on this issue, will He assume we don’t care about morality and righteousness any more? And then will He abandon us to the tyranny that is settling all around us from a government out of control?” If ever there was a time for the People of America to cry out to God for His help in fervent nationwide prayer – and to do what we can to overturn this sin-sick Law – this is it!

SCOTUS on Same-Sex Marriage

Note:  This is the letter that I sent to each of the nine Justices of the US Supreme Court on 1/20/15.  I offer it for your use in whole or part as you may wish.  This is a serious, watershed moment in the history of our nation.  We all must speak out against the darkness that seems to be pressing in on our nation from all sides.  Do what you must!

Dear Justice so-and-so:

Permit me to get right to the point.

According to the Wall Street Journal, you, as a Justice of the US Supreme Court, have taken on the task of deciding whether the US Constitution gives same-sex couples the right to marry.

I would suggest to you that this is not a matter to be decided by you and your fellow Justices by peering deeply into the Fourteenth Amendment to that Constitution, or into any other portion of that Constitution. Why? Because this is not a matter that can be decided based on administrative law, or on criminal law, or by “common sense”, or by intellectualism, or on habit, or on custom, or by religion, or by politics.

This issue can only be decided upon by moral law. It is first, last and always a matter of morality. And it is of a particular morality. And it has already been decided by a higher authority than yours. The God of creation, the God of the Holy Bible has already decreed what marriage is. It is the combining of one man and one woman into a special, holy state known to all mankind as marriage. A simple review of Genesis, chapter one, verse 27 and chapter 2, verse 24 should reaffirm what you probably already know in your heart. It would not be wise for you to depart from what He has already declared.

It would also be wise for you to observe what that same God, the One who informed our writers of the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution, has to say about homosexuality. The book of Leviticus gave detailed instructions to the Levite priests on their responsibilities before God and to the Hebrew people on how to live holy lives before God. Those instructions have not been superseded by the New Covenant or Testament, so those requirements of holy or righteous living are still valid today and will always be so. Jesus, the Messiah, Himself said that He did not come to do away with such requirements of the Law, but to fulfill them – and to fulfill them for ALL mankind, not just the Hebrews (Mat 5:17).

God said in Leviticus 18:22 “You shall not lie with a male as one lies with a female; it is an abomination.” To underscore that stern command, He specified the most severe punishment in Leviticus 20:13 “If there is a man who lies with a male as those who lie with a woman, both of them have committed a detestable act; they shall surely be put to death. Their bloodguiltiness is upon them.” There is no room for error or misunderstanding, is there?

Billy Graham is reported to have said, “If God does not punish America for its sin of homosexuality, He will have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah.” I ask you to do what’s right, not what’s popular or trendy. Standing against God is never wise – for a person or for a nation…

Earnestly,  Tom McDonald



Divide & Conquer Politics

Divide & Conquer has been a successful strategy and tactic for the
military in fighting an enemy.  It is often a useful option to divide
an enemy’s forces into smaller elements – and then defeat or
neutralize each element in turn.  That strategy has been used by
the Democrat Party since the 1930s.  To implement that strategy,
their tactic has been to create and describe classes of citizens,
then create stories that cause one class or group of citizens to feel
underprivileged when compared to the other created class or
group of citizens.  Then the Dems suggest, to the class feeling
“shorted”, that by voting the Dems into office, the Dems will
correct this alleged terrible imbalance.

Over the years, these are the classes that the Dems have created:
Wealth, Race, Environment, Gender, Religion.  The classic division
by the Dems for decades is the rich versus the poor.  They
demonize the wealthy as though they should be ashamed of being
wealthy.  They completely ignore the inconvenient truth that most
of the wealthy worked hard and sacrificed early pleasure, leisure,
etc. – for their long-term goal of becoming wealthy enough to
become comfortable.  And the Dems always fail to mention that
the poor have the same opportunity as the wealthy, but that they
have to work for it also.  Instead, they lead the poor (some of
whom remain that way through sheer laziness or drug addiction)
to believe the right thing for the poor to do is to put the Dems in
public office so they can then “tax the rich” and give large gifts,
erroneously labelled “entitlements”, to the poor.  This tactic of
“rich vs poor” has been highly successful – bringing the nation to a
state of technical bankruptcy.

The latest use of this Anger-and-Divide tactic by Dems (some of
whom morphed into full-blown Socialist/Communists), with the
compliant help of the main-stream media, is the lie of widespread
Racism in the nation especially by cops on Black men.  The
Marxist, Anti-Liberty Antifa and BLM (Black Lives Matter) have
created another mythical great rift in America.  Pathetically, the
BLM folks fail to recognize their own lie about Black lives
mattering, because even though Blacks are 13% of our nation’s
population, Black Abortions are 34% of the nation’s total abortions
(source: Epoch Times, May 26, 2021).  So, one could ask “Do Black
lives really matter to Blacks?”

The Black Lives Matter movement is intent on creating/staging
Violent-Cops-on-Innocent-Blacks events.  By having the Main-
Stream Media firmly in hand, the BLM folks can spin almost every
tale of alleged wrong treatment of Blacks by Cops into a rush to
judgment of the Cop. A recent example is the Trial of Officer
Chauvin for the alleged murder of multiple-felon George Floyd.
The videos and the autopsy report, from a reliable source,
overwhelmingly suggest Floyd’s death was a self-inflicted overdose
of Fentanyl – a potent drug that, when overdosed, asphyxiates a
person by filling their lungs with liquid. Long before he was placed
on the ground, he was videoed saying he couldn’t breathe.  The
autopsy report showed no injury to his trachea or larynx. Absent
other evidnce, it appears Floyd killed himself.  Might it be a fearful
community felt, not thought, it had to find him guilty to prevent more
violence in the streets?

There is a Truth about the larger issue of black crime that must be
heard – here are some facts, some Truths, to ponder:
Of the 328 million people in the USA, 41.4 million are Black,
which is 12.6% of the US population.
Blacks commit over 50% of the Violent Crime in the USA.
Ninety-three percent of Black homicides are committed
by other Blacks.
Nine unarmed Black men were killed by Police in 2019.
(“Unarmed” does not mean “innocent” or “not a threat”)
The number of unarmed Black Men killed by Police
is down 23% since 2015.
A Police Officer is 18.5 times more likely to be killed
by a Black Man than the other way around.
Above facts are from Brandon Straka of walkawaycampaign.com

The people of this nation know that there are occasional incidents
of bad behavior toward compliant apprehendees as well as bad
reactions by police officers to violent or disobedient arrested men
from time to time.  It is regrettable, of course, but from the
statistics, it may be in part due to the overwhelming amount of
violent crime by blacks, many on drugs, who refuse to obey the
instructions of the officers.  When a detained citizen starts running
away and is told to stop running or he will be shot, most people
would stop.  But some of the detained men apparently refuse to obey
and are shot, yes, in the back.  It’s sad, but there it is.

And one last word about our Police Departments.  To keep the
peace in any community, police are a necessity.  The Defund the
Police movement is absurd; actually it’s insane.  It should be
Refund, not Defund, the Police, meaning: increase funding and
training so that they can do an even better job of protecting the
law-abiding citizenry.

The Dems have almost mastered Divide & Conquer Politics to
cause unrest in the nation so that they can claim to the people
that the Dems can solve that issue if the citizens will just put them
into public office.  The truth is that the Dems never produce for
the country the rosy picture they paint during political campaigns.
Remember:  Divide & Conquer is a military strategy and tactic that
is used against an enemy.  The clear conclusion for many of us is
that the Dems since the 1930s have made war against their
enemy – yes, their enemy is the American people. Isn’t that
Sedition?  Again the proof of this regrettable truth is the
outrageous financial condition of our nation.  And, sad to see it,
the Dems have been joined by far too many Republicans who see
that we citizens have fallen prey to these socialist enticements
which put far too many of these anti-Americans into office.  Power
is what it’s about; not what’s best for a Faith, Freedom, and Free-
Market nation.

The Dems have formally identified their Divide & Conquer Strategy
as Identity Politics. Identity Politics is the Communist Left’s
constant attempt to Anger and Divide our Nation (Again, isn’t that
called Sedition?).  Communists always want us to believe that Full
Government Control and Central Planning is better for us than our
preferred Faith, Freedom and Free-Market Economy.  It is, of
course, a Myth and Lie, but for some reason (might the socialist
indoctrination of our young in schools have something to do with
it?) the young seem to believe Socialism/ Communism is the single
best way to be governed. History reveals that every Communist
nation has impoverished and enslaved its people.  Who in their
right mind wants that here?

In truth, none of us, regardless of skin color, wants violence in our
relations between us.  We should all, regardless of skin color,
stand strongly against all those who want to divide us and who fan
the flames of false narratives about some of us to others of us for
the evil purpose of keeping us stirred up against one another – to
divide us.  It’s time to say ENOUGH!

We have a way to go to get back to some semblance of good will
by each of us toward one another.  A good place to start is for
each of us to humble ourselves before our great God and begin to
daily pray fervently for God to Forgive us and to Revive the
Churches in America, to ask Him to give us another Great
Awakening – to bring us all back to the One who founded this
nation through our Founding Fathers some 245 years ago
.  We
need Him; He doesn’t need us.  So, we are the ones who must
bend our wills to His.  If enough of us really prayed with a
determined deep desire for Him to restore us to righteousness in
all we think, say, or do – God may just do it.  Worth a try,
wouldn’t you say?

In addition to concerted prayer, we must each always stand
against wrong-headed government proposals.  Every time you
read or hear of some wrong-headed, unrighteous thinking by one
of our elected officials, contact them right away by phone or in
writing, and tell them you stand against such a thing.  But we
must all commit to do this
.  Why?  Because most of the people in
government listen only to the mass response; it’s about power,
not necessarily what’s right.  So, a massive response by us to
them about something stupid will get them to act correctly.
Please commit to being one of the thousands who will stand up for
what is right by telling them so

Tom McDonald on July 4, 2021

Communism & Islam – America, WAKE UP!

America was established as a Federal Republic, a type of nation whose strong supreme power rests in all the citizens entitled to vote and is exercised by their elected officials, who are responsible to those citizens.  The basic working principle of our Federal Republic is it practices limited government, provides for a strong national defense, practices Free-Enterprise in all business transactions, promotes Freedom of Peaceful Religion, and supports a strong Education System guided by parents.  As time has gone on, however, our national government has taken on more and more of the affairs that our US Constitution does not assign to them (Article I, Section 8).  In short, it appears a Federal Republic is not immune from the natural consequence of men in office wanting more and more power.  Our Founding Fathers wrote our enviable Constitution the way they did because they had lived under the authoritarian rule of the King of England and were determined to prevent that form of government for America.

We are now (2021) at a place in America’s History where a growing number of people want to turn America into a Socialist/Communist nation – or worse.  The primary aspect of Socialism/Communism is that the national government is all powerful and reduces individual liberty, or freedom, to a minimum or eliminates it.  Citizens have no say in what is done to them.   In fact, citizens are no longer citizens but subjects.  The end game of Socialism is Communism which is a government in complete control of all aspects of life for its subjects.  It always becomes oppressive and increasingly exists solely to benefit the powerful officials in charge.  It always – ALWAYS – bankrupts the nation and reduces all but the elite officials to poverty.  And any rebellion against such oppression leads to more brutal oppression, incarceration, and often death.  Stalin and Hitler each murdered millions of people.

Now why is our Federal Government having increasing success in accelerating our political machinery toward Socialism/Communism?  Because they have, since about the 1960’s, totally compromised the government education system of America to the point that too many young people have been duped/educated into thinking that Communism is a desirable system of governance.  They have been lied to and too many have bought the lie.  And that’s the way they vote – in abject ignorance of the facts.

But there is yet another sinister player, or two, in this ongoing saga of attempting the death of America as we have known her.  Make no mistake, these are mortal enemies. 

One: Militant Muslims, many of whom are living among us, are of one mind that they are on earth to ensure Islam becomes the dominant Ruler of all the World.  They move slowly to eventually amass enough strength in a nation’s population to become the predominant force in elections.  Once installed in large numbers, they replace all laws with Shariah Law, and deny all religions but Islam under penalty of death.  In some of our larger cities their numbers are such that they have already  established No-Go Zones, where even the Police will not go.

Two:  Radicalism is the Base Strategy of liberalism/socialism/progressivism/communism.  David Horowitz in his booklet “Barack Obama’s Rules for Revolution – The Alinsky Model” lays out the strategy and threat of this poisonous element in our nation.  Quotes are with its page number.

“The essence of what it means to be a Radical is thus summed up in Alinsky’s praise for Satan: to be willing to destroy the values, structures and institutions that sustain the society in which we live.” 18   “Deception is the Radical’s most important weapon, and it has been a prominent one since the end of the sixties.” 23 “The issue is never the issue; the issue is always the revolution.” 26 “…Radicals who are trying to impose socialism on a country whose people understand that socialism destroys freedom: Don’t sell it as socialism; sell it as ‘progressivism’, ‘economic democracy’, and ‘social justice’.” 28  “Until conservatives begin to understand exactly how dishonest Radicals are – and why – it will be hard to defend the system under attack.  For Radicals the noble end – creating a new world – justifies any means.  And if one actually believed, as they do, that it is possible to create heaven on earth, what institution would one not be justified in destroying to realize that future?” 34. “The idea that the world is divided into the Haves and Have-Nots, the exploiters and the exploited, the oppressors and the oppressed, leads directly to the idea that liberation lies in the elimination of the former and the dissolution of the conflict.  This, according to Radicals, will lead to the liberation of mankind.  In fact, it led directly to the deaths of 100 million people in the last century murdered by Radicals in power on the way to their dream.” 36.

The lie is that Radicalism is a beautiful system where everyone has a wonderful life.  Let me end this think-piece with some FACTs – meaning some TRUTHs.  Here’s a partial list of those nations that have succumbed to Radicalism in its guise as Communism:

Argentina: The second richest nation in the world in the 20th century.  By the early 21st century unbridled socialism had bankrupted them. America is on the same timeline and near its end, too.
Cuba: A fine island nation in the Caribbean taken over by Fidel Castro in 1959 and financially ruined within a decade.  It remains in economic ruin today.
Venezuela: This oil-rich South American nation in early 21st century went very quickly bankrupt under Communism.
Russia: Fell under Communist rule in the early 20th Century, ruining their economy and enslaving their people.  They have recovered to a degree but remain under destructive autocratic rule.
China: Radicalism arose after WWII, ruining their economy and enslaving their people; today it is resurging economically because they have adopted carefully controlled “Free”-Enterprise, though the majority of their people still live in poverty or squalor.
North Korea: Perhaps there is no better illustration of the diametric opposites of Free-Enterprise and Radical Communism than to observe two nations of one people on the same peninsula in the Far East.  South Korea is a thriving nation with a vibrant economy under the Free-Enterprise system, while North Korea is a destitute, enslaved Communist nation.  

How could a thinking person want any of the Radicalisms (Liberalism, Socialism, Progressivism, Communism)?  What should we do as citizens who love the Freedoms in our America – even  though some of them have already been severely eroded?  

First:   Commit this terrible issue to continuing Prayer for God to Deliver us from them! 

Second:  Send a copy of this paper to your Senators and your Congressman. 

Third:  Tell all your congressmen you want them to rescind all Social Give-Away Programs and allow no more Spending above Federal Revenues.  Tell them you want them to precisely follow Section 8, Article I and Amendment X of the US Constitution.  

Always Remember:  Faith & Freedom are America’s Foundation

October 6, 2021

Age of Earth

Written July of 2014

Back on December 12th of 2012, because there were so many figures (millions/billions of years) floating around about the age of the earth, I decided to use the Creator’s own book, the Holy Bible*, to calculate a more accurate figure. Here’s what I found:

A quick look through the Bible reveals there are:

Ten generations from Adam thru Noah with an average lifespan of 858 years and with an average generation timespan of 155 years. (Genesis 5)

Ten generations from Noah thru Abraham with an average lifespan of 317 years and with an average generation timespan of 49 years. (Genesis 11)

Forty-two generations from Abraham thru Jesus (Matthew 1:17) with an approximate average lifespan of 80 years. **

Totaled there are 62 (10+10+42) generations from Adam to Jesus.

Doing a bit of basic mathematics with those numbers, we find:

We have the total generation timespan from Adam thru Abraham to be 2040 years ([10×155]+[10×49]). We can calculate the total generation timespan from Abraham thru Jesus to be 1134 years (42×27). The total generation timespan from Adam to Jesus then is 3,174 years (2040+1134).

To determine the age of the earth and creation from Adam to today, we must add the figure of earth-age from Adam to Jesus (3174) to the figure for the number of years from Jesus to now, which is 20 centuries plus 14 years, or 2014 years. (I am quite aware of the issues surrounding when the use of Anno Domini began. For our purpose here, such a consideration is well within round-off error).

Therefore, we can conclude, based on God’s Word (His Holy Bible), and by application of basic mathematics, that the earth and therefore, all of creation is about 5,188 years old, which, rounded to the nearest thousand, yields 5,000 years as the approximate age of the earth, and by extension, the age of all creation.

* The Bible chronicles the creation of the earth and the universe by God in six days – to His Son’s birth, crucifixion, resurrection and ascension – ending with the follow-on work of Jesus’ disciples.

** The lifespan of people from Abraham thru to Jesus’ time was shorter than the early man lifespans. The Bible makes reference to a man’s age being three score and ten and even 80 years for a strong person. I use 80 as the figure for lifespans from Abraham’s time to Jesus’ time. Now, the timespan for a generation is roughly one-third of a lifespan. A man who lives to 80 years of age will produce children starting about age 27. (If any reader wants to rework this calculation with more rigor, I welcome it.)

Some may say this is not right. Then bring me a more accurate figure. It is entirely conceivable that as a flawed mortal man, I have made some mistakes in retrieving generational data from the Bible. My figures are based solidly on the one source of Truth in all of creation – God’s Word. You can (and sadly many will) dismiss the Bible with a sweep of the hand – but that won’t change what God’s Word shows us about His created universe.

Look at it this way for a moment, why would God falsify any of the numbers in His book? He doesn’t need to. His very nature as a Holy, Righteous God prevents Him from even thinking about giving us erroneous information. So forget that idea and realize that we are dealing with the Truth of God as revealed in His inspired Word to us. He can be trusted absolutely on this whereas man’s theories cannot be trusted, because such theories all depend on unsupportable assumptions.

God’s Truth stands immutable – whether we believe it or not…


When what you believe collides with Truth, what you believe is revealed as False – a lie.  Reasonable men do not want to lie, we inherently know it to be wrong.  Some of us resolve to change our thinking to no longer believe the False.  So we need the Truth.  We need to know where to find the Truth.

What is Truth?  It is ultimate reality – what actually is, is Truth. A great man once said, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.” Some other men did not like what he said, so they had him arrested, found him guilty in a rigged court trial, severely beat him, and then executed him in the presence of a large crowd.  But he proved he did speak the Truth by coming back to Life three days after being put in the grave.  In fact, he walked about on the earth for some forty days (seen by hundreds) and talked about the Way to Heaven before He was called up to sit at the right side of God on His throne in Heaven.

So – if you are tired of the Way things are going and want the Truth of eternity about the better life, then you simply tell God you’re sorry for your lies and sins and want His Son, Jesus the Christ (the “man” I mentioned earlier) to be your Redeemer.  God will forgive you and will regenerate you, transform you into someone who delights in the Truth and gives up the lies and sins.  If you do this, you will have become a Truth-seeker, a Christ-follower, which makes you a child of God.  And you will have secured your ultimate destination with Him in Heaven – when your time on earth is done.

If you don’t accept Jesus’ forgiveness of your sins, you’ll not go to Heaven when you die – you’ll go to a horrible place of eternal suffering in Hell, instead of the eternal joy in Heaven.  This may help: a clever sign on a message board in front of a church in the north Georgia mountains says it all:

Eternity.  Your Choice!
Smoking or Non-smoking?

The True Meaning of Christmas

The coming of Jesus the Christ into the World as a humble Teacher

though He was and is Lord of Lords and King of Kings

is the single greatest example of God’s Love

for the people of this World, His Special Creation.

And why did He come? 

To provide us, sinners all, a Way Home to God, our Heavenly Father,

through Jesus’ Great Gift of Love on that Cross where He paid the

Penalty of Death we each owe for our sin here on earth.

You may not be able to avoid the evil that some say is soon coming,

but by praying to ask Jesus to Forgive you and be your Savior,

you will insure God’s Heaven and not Satan’s Hell

as your final destination.

Making this Decision gives you a special Relationship with Almighty God.

You will have become His child, and He invites you

to ask Him for your Needs and to Deliver you from all Evil.

He promises to hear such praying … and will answer.