Speaker & Teacher

The Author is available to speak to any of a number of groups, such as: Men’s Ministries, Men’s Retreats, Sports Teams, Youth Retreats, Family Nights at Schools, Man Weekends, and Summer Camps.

Speaking topics range from Integrity and Godly Character to expansions on any of the chapters in Sheep to Shepherd to the Truth About America’s discovery and founding to topics of that sort that may interest your group.

The take-away from any of these is always to have a better understanding of what each of us must do to achieve the objective being spoken about. The overarching objective is to help bring this nation back to following the God who established our nation in the first place.

I have also been interviewed about Sheep to Shepherd on a local TV Show.

The cost is minimal: travel expenses, lodging and an honorarium are expected. Providing space for a book sales-table is also expected.

The Author is available to teach your own teachers how to best teach the book(s) to your intended groups. The time required varies but the minimum is three hours, to fit into a Saturday morning or weekday evening format. Frankly, the new Study Guide in the 2nd Edition of Sheep to Shepherd is about all you would need to prime your teachers to teach that book.

Cost for teaching time is the same cost schedule as for speaking.