Global Climate Change, Going All Electric, and other Nonsense

Everything about the Climate Change issue is under God’s control, not man’s. In Job, Chapter 38, God clearly states:
       Who kept the sea inside its boundaries as it burst from the womb,
       and as I clothed it with clouds and wrapped it in thick darkness?
       For I locked it behind barred gates, limiting its shores.  I said, “This
       far and no farther will you come. Here your proud waves must stop.”

For man to think he can upset the plans of God is hubris of an order rarely seen. There are macro-cycles of some 1030 years, as some scientists calculate, and there are smaller cycles of 515, 170 and 100 years, as other scientists claim. There is the Sunspot cycle of some 11 years, which is most probably the immediate measure of what causes our warming and cooling cycles. Past warming cycles have been an economic boon to the world, leading to some of the more frozen-in seaside communities being opened to hugely profitable shipping trade. There will always be changes in the climate and God, not man, controls them. The 2022 Tonga Volcano eruption is a prime reason for the unusual warming of weather around our planet today.

One vital point has been overlooked in this race to “play god”.  For anyone to say that humans must severely limit the production of CO2 suggests an ignorant objective.  It ignores the fact that CO2 is used by plants in a process called photosynthesis.  That vital process produces the O2 that all humans, animals and fish must have to live.

The carbon-credit and/or Cap and Trade initiative is an outgrowth of the bogus Climate Change idea. It all should be scrapped, or it will continue to be used by opportunists in and out of government to enrich themselves to the detriment of nations and cultures.

Pursuing such an obviously absurd idea begs us to look for other reasons for our “leaders” to put forth such a faux-serious idea.  One, they count on most of us not being able to reason our way through this issue – which leads to reason Two.  The real reason is they want a stalking horse they can hopefully ride to the point of making massive and strident demands of us all so as to bring us into arch-socialism – or in another term, communism.  They are power mad and are using this phony intellectual device to demand changes to our fundamental way of life.  In fact, the Covid-19 foolish lock-down of our economy and way of life was a precursor of this intended control of our way of life and therefore, our lives. 

Not a pretty thought, but I believe it is dead-on true, though they will do their damnedest to condemn this thinking as warped and the author dead-wrong….  Their favorite tactic is to attack the person when they have no way to defend their warped thinking.  Too bad!  Truth is often unbearably uncomfortable to those who prefer the Lie, especially when it is exposed as such.

Very tightly linked to the Climate Change Lie is the increasingly strident demand that everything in our nation be powered by electricity and to eventually deny use of carbon-based fuels so that the CO2 given off by that process will no longer be a “problem” to impact change to the Global Climate.  Let’s look at this all-electric power demand of our off base “leaders”.

The viability of generating sufficient electricity to supply all the current and known future needs without burning hydrocarbons is doubtful.  Adding the huge new unknown loads on the system as envisaged in the “decrees” coming from the White House is definitely going to create major power problems for the Electric Utilities until they are able to greatly increase their power generation capability. Wind and solar generated power, expensive and unreliable, can never produce the base load necessary to support our economy, nor is it able to be counted on as a reliable back-up power generating source. All the “decisions” and calls for the whole nation to “get off gas and coal” have not included the Electric Power Industry of the nation in their plans for a massive increase in the Base Load Generation capacity. It will lead to brownouts and worse without complete coordination for a power generation increase and upgrade (nuclear) involving all our Electric Power Generation Businesses. The Radical Leftists, who have already seriously damaged our economy with such ideas, have decided to do away with all fossil fuels (gasoline, gas, diesel, oil, coal, etc.) – and insure everything runs on electricity (to include military vehicles, which is foolhardy).

One additional major point researched by others but available in the current literature about all this, is the finding that to mine the raw materials and manufacture all the pieces of an all-electric society will create considerably more pollution and CO2 in those high energy-consuming processes than is created by the existing well-balanced energy economy of today.  The wishful thinking of a utopian clean environment has simply not been thought through.  It’s a pipedream!

There is, of course, the serious question of “does the Executive Branch have the Constitutional authority to issue such directives?”  Sounds more like a ‘king’s decree’.

What we appear to have here is an out-of-control Executive Branch deciding to demand actions from the citizenry and businesses to satisfy a wholly ridiculous scheme that they think we can’t see through.  We also have an AWOL Congress, the one body which our Founding Fathers ordained to be the proper one to rein-in an autocratic-minded Executive Branch when it demands things from the people that only our law-making Congress is charged to do according to our Constitution.

We, the voting USA citizens, put these autocrats in office and we must replace them with men and women who understand and will follow their Constitutionally prescribed responsibilities to us.  Such newly-elected people must stop this nonsense about Global Climate Change and the demand to go all-electric.  The Business Community, in close touch with the citizens of our nation, should be the ones to decide the issue of all-electric, in close coordination with the Electric Power Generation Industry. 

Further, proponent saith not.
But read WSJ’s Energy Report of 7/24/23.  Also Writings Tab of

Tom McDonald, Army Col(R). Atlanta.   Business Founder, MS in Systems Engineering,  former County Planning Commissioner, Author, Writer, Patriot, and Christian.     


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