Who is God?

God is the only sovereign eternal being without beginning or end.  He is the only god, there is no other.  His power is beyond knowing. He is magnificently creative.  He made all things seen and unseen.  He is present in His creation everywhere at the same time.  He is our maker, our provider, our redeemer, our righteousness, our teacher, our sustainer, our healer, our Shepherd, and our Peace.  He is perfect, holy, just, merciful, and desires our obedience more than sacrifice or gifts.  He is the Light of Life who vanquishes the darkness of evil and death.  His thoughts are above our thoughts.  He loves with an unchanging, boundless love those who follow and worship Him.  His great love impels Him to evidence to us the two great products of Love, Giving and Forgiving; He Gave His Only Son to Forgive our sin.  He wants man to attain to be like His Son, our Lord, Jesus the Christ.  He wants a deep growing personal relationship with each of us.  He wants man to be the very best and highest that he can be, even though saddled with the old sin nature…because He is ever present with us in the person of His Holy Spirit to aid us in our journey toward holy perfection. He jealously guards our covenant relationship with Him because He loves us more than words can express.  He will at some point end all time, space and matter as we know them.  At that time, He will forever remand evil and the doers of evil to their own eternity in Hell – and cause all followers of Christ Jesus to rejoice with Him as His people in His majestic, glorious and Holy Presence forever!  And to Him alone be all Glory!  Amen and Amen!


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