God IS Pro-Choice

“God is Pro-Choice,” said the stick sign.  That photo in the news story about another of the many marches on the abortion issue stunned me.  My reaction was one of mixed indignation, and confused anger.  I stewed about it.  Something was not right.  What was it?  How could anyone say that God was for taking innocent life?

Then it hit me.  Yes, of course.  The sign was right.  God gave man “free will.”  God has been and is pro-choice.  ButHe made it abundantly clear there are consequences associated with every choice – for good or ill.  It’s our choice, yes!  But we must make all choices responsibly.  Responsibly means rightly, against a standard of rightness, as in the Bible.

Whether one believes the Bible or not is eternally important.  God says it is His word, so it is – no matter what man thinks about it.  Its absolute standards apply today as always.  Why?  Simply because man’s basic nature has not and will not change, therefore the standards governing his behavior need not change.  We ignore the teachings and proscriptions of the Bible at our personal and national peril.  One need only look around to see the cesspool we’ve made of almost all areas of our increasingly God-ignoring society.  We are reaping the penalty for our disobedience to God.

“It’s my body; I’ll do with it what I want,” defiantly shrill the militant pro-aborts.  The truth is, the baby is not part of the mother’s body.  It is totally different.  It is another human being.  It has another DNA make-up; and can have another blood type and another gender.  Even our own bodies are “on loan” while here on earth, as is everything else in this wisp of vapor called mortal life.  The mother’s body, and the one she carries, must be treated as though they belonged to Another.  They do.

How about the use of the term “Pro-Choice” for “Abortion?”  “Pro Choice” is meant to convey that a person has a choice, with the implication that either choice is “okay.”  But are they really?  Is the choice of killing an unborn child as equally responsible as letting it live?  Has the definition of murder ever been dependent on the location of the victim?  Is it any less murder if it’s for the mother’s convenience” – or more?

Murder is murder simply by the premeditated taking of the life of another.  Abortion is the “most premeditated” of murders because of the victim’s location.  God sought the safest place on earth for a new human being to develop toward birth; a mother’s womb.

What a horror for a nation to “legally” set about the grisly business of destroying its future citizens in the womb.  How we humans, women who abort and men who condone it, must tear the very heart of our loving Creator.  He gives us a new life and we literally rip it apart inside that “safest place.”  And the deed is done by doctors who are sworn to protect and save life, not take it.  Abortion is, in fact and deed, murder in the womb.  No amount of emotional rhetoric can or will change that fact. 

Some, in an attempt to rationalize their argument, would say that a baby is “not a human being,” or “not alive.”  God says human life begins at conception, and the medical profession knows that to be fact.  Killing (aborting) a fetus is murder, unambiguously!

God has given none of us authority to murder others including unborn children, the aged, or the infirm.  The female gender has not been given special rights by God for killing another human being.  It’s just not an option for them, their doctor or anyone else.  God has not changed His mind.  “Thou shalt not murder” stands and will stand forever.

Evil has fallen upon our nation, as it has on other once-great civilizations that became uncivil and ungodly.  We haven’t yet found the courage, as a truly united people, in the name of righteousness, to stand against this blight, this horror or murder in the womb.  If we did stand against it, God would undergird us and, perhaps, even stay His hand of impending judgement on our nation for our awful “holocaust in the womb.”

The God-fearing people of this land must demand moral leaders (executives, legislators, judges) who will put an end to abortion and other corrupt experiments in “legal” permissiveness, such as homosexuality, same-sex “marriage”, pornography, euthanasia, repressive taxation, deficit spending, etc.  We must defeat at the ballot box all who ascribe to ungodly (irresponsible, permissive, sinful, hurtful, etc.) approaches to solving the nation’s problems.  We must stand firm against the hysterical minorities hellbent on destroying themselves and, in mounting rage, insist they’ll take the rest of us with them.

Just as at the founding of our nation, we need men/women of character and integrity to stand unwaveringly on godly principle, to lead us against our internal enemies, and back to reverence for God and His way in every area of our lives .. government .. schools .. business .. and, above all, in our homes!  We must pray for and vote for men/women of character.  Godly character is the only elective dimension in man that offers any prospect for us to submit to God’s righteous way in every area of our lives.

Will we humble ourselves before our almighty God and pray that He will forgive our nation’s rampant sin and self-indulgence, and give us righteous leaders at all levels of government?

Our nation’s very survival is at stake – that’s all…..

By Tom McDonald – 9/1/92
Permission granted for use as is.

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