Mass Murder and Gun Control

Those against guns think, incorrectly, that banning or controlling guns will stop criminals and others from using them illegally. Criminals, aka outlaws, pay no attention to laws that stand in the way of what they want; that’s why we call them outlaws. Only law-abiding people pay attention to laws. Our lawmakers know this; they just use that argument in hopes that we won’t see through their distraction. There is a dark reason driving those who are determined to take away our guns; they know it would be impossible to take this country into socialism, communism, or other liberty-denying autocratic form of government without first disarming us. One of our Founding Fathers was credited with saying, “Armed people are citizens. Disarmed people are subjects.”

We must not be blind to the central truth in all this: guns do not kill people – people kill other people with guns. We must stop trying to banish the gun and look at better control of people who want to kill others. We must get serious about stopping the horrific killing that these deranged people are determined to bring on us. And one other point (among many others) must be mentioned. We must stop now all thoughts about suing the manufacturers of firearms when some lunatic uses one of their guns to kill someone. If that were allowed, then we should sue all manufacturers of motor vehicles for each and every one of the 38,000 traffic deaths each year. Of course, it’s absurd; that’s the point…

Needed: A three-pronged solution to: 1) Better prevent guns from coming into the hands of crazed, would-be killers; 2) Secure each school to include an instant all-buildings-lockdown in the face of an imminent threat; 3) Re-establish the careful system of identifying and sequestering mental defectives in psychiatric institutions.

Accomplishing Step One: See the Solution paragraph.

Accomplishing Step Two: We must secure our schools, churches, and other gun-free zones. They are the soft targets that attract killers with guns. For ideas, we should look at how we protect other high priority areas of our lives, like banks and certain types of businesses, such as embassies, courts, legislatures, pharmaceutical or cyber-security firms, or jails, or high-tech R&D facilities. What is truly needed is to develop and implement a good solid security system at each of our school and church facilities around the nation. Some schools, and even some churches, are already protected in such a manner. Done wisely, it is not that expensive.

Accomplishing Step Three: We must do something sensible about the 0.1% of us who are mentally deranged enough to entertain such horrid thoughts as shooting up a school, church, concert, theater, or sports event. We must be encouraged to call the 911 system to report apparently deranged people. Such people should be picked up and professionally examined, their living quarters and vehicles inspected, and their on-line activity examined. This procedure should involve a team of three experienced psychiatric professionals before a person can be certified as mentally deranged. When so identified, that person must (MUST) be removed from the general population. To continue to allow such people who are dangerous to themselves and others, to walk among us as though normal – is, well, crazy! We can now see the absurdity of closing the facilities for mental defectives in the 1970s; we must reinstate them sooner than later. The use of psychiatric institutions is essential to provide an appropriate place for our mental defectives. That would today include many of the homeless around the country. It is heartless and deplorable how we have allowed such people to try to exist without rational, empathetic, and humane help in well-managed facilities, even if they don’t want such help.


Step One: Pass and enforce a Federal Law that makes it illegal (with stiff penalties) for any government at any level in the United States of America to make any law that would in any way restrict a sane, law-abiding US citizen (21 or older) from owning, bearing, target-shooting, carrying, concealing, or displaying any firearm or any ammunition of any caliber or gauge used in self-defense, sports, or hunting. To purchase a firearm, the intended buyer must successfully undergo a three to seven day (maximum) full background check to include a mental-stability test. No government in the US may in any way restrict a lawful business from designing, manufacturing, marketing, and selling firearms or ammunition. Nor will any court of law entertain any lawsuit that purports to hold the makers of firearms responsible for the misuse of such firearms. Nor will any such manufacturer be denied the right to pursue such a business. Nor will any government be allowed a special tax on the sale of firearms and ammunition. There shall be no law that in any way restricts citizens from exchanging or selling firearms with other qualified citizens. The Federal Government may impose limited restrictions on firearms to be owned by citizens such as no automatic rates of fire, no caliber larger than 0.75, no shotgun gauge larger than 8, and all firearms shall be either handguns or shoulder fired. Any existing firearms laws conflicting with the wording of this proposed law when signed are void.

Step Two: Develop two sets of security hardware and software solutions for the school security requirement. Such a study group must be composed of appropriate people from the Federal, State, and Building Security Industry levels, three from each for a total of nine on the Study Group. This must be, must be, a fast-track study, with a final decision report due in three months. There are good solutions available today, so there is no need to drag this process out. It is an urgent issue and must be approached as such. Implementation will be a state responsibility, but the Federal government should offer help, as appropriate.

Step Three: Implementation of this sensitive element of the overall solution will take some time due to the thought and care that must be exercised in seeing it through to completion nationwide. The effort to re-establish Psychiatric Institutions throughout the nation will cause some people to rebel against such a thing; they will claim irresponsibly that it is inhumane. In fact, it will be quite humane when viewed from the larger perspective of the nation and what leaving these mental defectives on the street can and does lead to. The Study Group must reach a solid solution for implementation within a year. Then complete the full implementation nation-wide within three years.

Step One: The US Congress must pass, and the Administration implement without delay the draft law detailed in Step One of the Solution. This wording contains all the elements that most interested people and lawmakers believe must be in such a law.

Step Two: The US Congress must quickly convene the study group in Step Two of the Solution and follow through on the timetable to ensure this is handled with the urgency that it obviously deserves.

Step Three: The Us Department of Health & Human Services must, within eight months, draft the full plan to accomplish this vital step. Then, in full partnership with the US Congress, see that the plan becomes the appropriate law that the President will sign. Unfortunately, politics will get in the way of such a massive change to the way we handle this issue; but it must be done and it must be done well so that we can control this one area which provides this entire subject the loophole through which the crazies among us are able to exist and create their mayhem. Enough is enough. Let’s get this done now.

Addendum: As a reminder for us all, let me review what was in the minds of those drafting the Second Amendment. Be not duped by certain politicians on their latest “gun control” crusade. They have almost successfully diverted everyone’s attention from the true purpose of the Second Amendment by saying such things as: “large capacity magazines are not needed for hunting”, or “you don’t need thirty bullets to kill a deer”, etc.

The original intent of the Second Amendment to the US Constitution was and remains to ensure the citizens of this nation can arm themselves (individually or as part of a militia) for personal protection and with firearms that can be used against a tyrannical government, if need be.

That being so, there is also an implied intent of the amendment that citizens be able to arm themselves with firearms comparable in firepower and rate of fire to those weapons a tyrannical government will use. Limiting magazine capacities, denying firearms that “look” like so-called assault rifles, even denying automatic rates of fire (much less the semi-autos) are all leftist exercises to confuse the uninformed and without warrant infringe the Second Amendment.

View this video about the 1946 “Battle of Athens” This clearly reveals that the unthinkable incidence of a tyrannical government is a real threat – and it has already occurred in this nation at a local level; it is more than possible.

Then view this video to see what gun confiscation has done in Canada:

The Second Amendment is the guarantor of all the other Amendments and even the Constitution itself. The Third Amendment greatly assists understanding the original intent of the Second amendment: view this piece to get more about the Third Amendment’s meaning –
We Patriots must keep our focus, for Liberty’s sake.

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