What’s Wrong With Us as a People?

I am a long-time citizen of the once-great and now-falling nation of America. I served in her military for almost thirty years proudly prepared to give my last full measure for her because she was worth it.  Later I was a businessman for some twelve more years doing business in America and overseas.  Now in my golden years I spend most of my productive time in various ministries for my local Christian church.  A singular joy was writing a book for teenaged boys (and their dads or single moms) to help them become men of Integrity and Godly Character.  I tell you this so that you know I am a man who has lived long and seen much, and am committed to defeating those who would tear America down.

Something dark and ugly has begun to creep across our land.  A bunch of angry leftists decided to hi-jack the Democrat Political Party. This new rabble is intent on getting into power to install their socialist, even communist, programs and policies to enslave us.  They think we don’t see them for what they are – Traitors!

They also think we don’t see how horrible the end results are of following such a plan – economic ruin, heartache, and loss of freedoms. They count on the idealism of youth to sway the masses of young people whose immaturity is ripe for manipulation. And many of them are buying in. They are oblivious to the agonizing experiences under autocratic socialism/communism of the people of the Soviet Union, Red China, Cambodia, Viet Nam, Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela and looming now, Nicaragua.

Public discourse used to be civil, even courteous.  Now it is strident and angry with large crowds of paid-demonstrators yelling and harassing, even injuring, citizens who mistakenly drive or walk into such demonstrations.

Some of these angry people have even begun to bring terrible public charges against another person knowing they have not one shred of evidence to support the charge.  For example, the way the US Senate has shamefully mishandled the confirmation hearing of Judge Kavanaugh.  There is no excuse for such a travesty and miscarriage of justice.

But why are the angry so hateful – our economy is the most healthy and robust it has been in decades?  That should be cause for rejoicing, not rage.

Here is what I want to see done with all deliberate speed by our US Congress.  Pass a bill for signature by our President that will label as a Seditionist anyone who advocates a form of government other than the one fully described in our US Constitution. Such person will/must be tried, and if found guilty, remanded to prison for a significant portion of the remainder of their life on earth.

It’s past time for our Legislative Branch to clean up its house and pass bills that make it a severely punishable offense to champion any behavior or activity that is contrary to our US Constitution.  It’s past time for the Executive Branch to act on behalf of all Americans.

It’s past time for the Judicial Branch to insist that all levels of governments in America follow precisely the prescribed actions and policies of our US Constitution; that will surely mean rescission of some Federal laws already on the books that are wholly out of step with the clear wording of our US Constitution.  And they should rescind decisions that are immoral and not addressed in the US Constitution.

At 85 years of age, I have seen Enough!  Justice and Government of, by and for the People are ALWAYS preferable to the Anarchy and Autocracy we seem to be running blindly toward.

Perhaps we are so far gone now that only God Himself can Restore us.  It would be advisable for all of us to Pray for God to Restore America to Righteousness!

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